Is it TOO FAST?! Turbowheel Lightning E- Scooter Review

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For this review, I tested a Turbowheel Lightning dual 1000W motors. Why would anyone want or need a scooter that goes 40 MPH? The POWER! My Tesla can go up to 160 mph. Do I need to go that fast? No. But the torque, power, and acceleration are fun and come in super handy. Check out my full review on the Turbowheel Lightning for my thoughts:

Adrenaline junkies and larger riders will love the power and speed of the Turbowheel Lightning which is the best bang for your buck in the high performance electric scooter sphere. I challenge you to find another electric scooter that has more power, torque, and speed than the Turbowheel Lightning at this price point.

Top Speed: 40+ mph
Range: 40 miles
Weight: 77 lbs
Max load: 330 lbs
Current Price:

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