How to Find the Perfect Electric Scooter

*Check out our list of the top electric scooters:
This video covers how to think about each feature of an electric scooter in regards to your commute, the terrain you ride on, etc. We will cover: buying on a budget, range, scooter weight/portability, top speed, max rider weight, tire size, tire type, motor power, brakes, battery size, suspension, lights, and finally why you need support from the scooter seller.

We also show you some online tools that allow you to filter and sort based on each of these features to narrow your search.

00:00 Intro
03:57 How Far Can You Go For $20 Infographic
06:12 Safety Concerns with Electric Scooter
* (8:31) Main Website:
* (8:52) Best Scooter at $300, $600…
* (11:00) Comparison Chart:
* (12:33) Electric Scooter Survey – Use Data:
* (13:17) Electric Scooter Survey – Manufacturer vs Owner Reported Range:
* (13:35) Electric Scooter Performance Data (range at bottom of page):
* (19:44) Technical Guide – Tires:
* (25:50) Technical Guide – Brakes:
* (27:30) Unagi Model One (dual electronic brakes):
* (31:18) Additional Electric Scooter Lighting:
* (33:10) Top 10 Electric Scooters:
* (33:20) Survey Data – Best Electric Scooter Brands:
* (33:20) Survey Data – Best Electric Scooter Models:
* (34:02) Contact Form on Website:
* (34:10) Youtube Reviews Playlist:
* (34:35) Ninebot Max Video Playlist:
* (34:50) Electric Scooter Hands-on Written Reviews:
* (35:00) Electric Scooter Road Trip:
* (35:24) Electric Scooters Subreddit:

Youtube Release Schedule
* 8/31/19 – Kaabo Wolf Warrior Comprehensive Review
* 8/8/19 – Fluid Freeride Mosquito Review

* Newbie Guide to Buying An Electric Scooter:
* Comparison Chart:
* Coupon Codes/ Deals:
* Best in Price Guides:
* Hands-on Reviews:

* Front Light:
* Rear Light:

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