Which Little Electric Scooter for a Big Guy?


As a big guy I struggle finding good sturdy scooters to get me around town that are small and easy to store. I’ve reviewed over 100 electric scooters and have found a few that will do the job. What I need is a scooter that has a reasonable cruising speed of around 20mph (32 KM/H). I need it to be able to get up some smaller hills without me kicking. I’d like it to be light enough that I can carry it up some stairs and small enough that I can store it easily in my apartment or under a chair in a restaurant. The battery doesn’t need to be huge but I would like to be able to travel at least 5 miles on a charge.

In today’s video I have two electric scooters, one budget and and one premium, that will fit these criteria. There are links below in case you’re interested in buying one.

Big Guy Approved

Uscooter GT Sport Electric Scooter Unboxing
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Links to Uscooters GT Sport 🛴

If you happen to want to purchase the scooter do visit their Amazon Page Here:

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