Which Electric Scooter Should I Buy?

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Which Electric Scooter Should I Buy?
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Hi Tim,

Firstly, I hope it’s OK to contact you via this email as this is about Electric Scooters- I tracked the address down via your You Tube profile !

I subscribe to your excellent Reviews channel & value your know-how about the market. I am writing to see if you can please give me a ‘steer’ about particular models – I am close to making a purchase very soon now but would appreciate your advice before I commit.

Here’s the thing : Although I’m not bothered about doing anything more than 25-30mph, the issue I have is with hills, i.e. I don’t want to be humiliated by cyclists going up them past me and have seen a few scooters where this might happen ! So as that is a priority, it has led me towards the more extreme options with bigger and heavier batteries (the current favourites are the new Apollo Phantom, the new Wolf Warrior X Pro, or possibly the Kaabo Mantis 10) but as a) I don’t think I’ll use some of their their high-end specs, and b) I have an RV and would want reasonable portability….35kg is alot !…..I am wondering if you can think of any model within the very crowded market, that would fit the bill for my requirements.

Budget is of course limited, but within reason I’ll pay what needs to be paid……the aim is to find that perfect blend of something that can be fun yet perhaps doesn’t require that 52 or 60V battery ! A decent quality build and 10″ tires are a must….and is there any benefit re-stem wobble (or lack of it) with a double-stem, e.g. the Wolfs ?

Thanks for taking the time to read Tim – I’m sure you are bombarded by such questions all the time – but I value your knowledge and if you have some time to suggest any options, I’d be really grateful.

All the best,

#electricscooterreviews #electricscooters #TimsElectric

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