Top 5 Scooters for the Rain | Check Yourself Before You Wet Yourself

Today, you will find out, which scooters are the best to ride in the rain. Our results are based on real world tests in the rain! Keep reading down below for a detailed description of all data in the video.

SPOILER!! Top 5 Scooters:
5. Fiido Q1s:
4. Kaabo Wolf Warrior:
3. Apollo Explore:
2. EMOVE Cruiser:
1.Segway Ninebot Max:
(See our testing methodology below)

Intro: 00:00
Fiido Q1s: 00:40
Kaabo Wolf Warrior: 1:24
Apollo Explore: 2:20
EMOVE Cruiser: 3:05
Segway Ninebot Max: 3:47

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Testing Methodology:
The scooters were ranked by Ingress Protection: “IP Rating” against water. Braking performance on wet pavement, fender protection, wet vs dry tire traction and deck traction in the wet. The scooters were also subjectively scored for wet weather ride quality.

The IP rating of a scooter is a score for resistance to being exposed to solids and liquids. A typical IP rating for a scooter would be something like IP54. Here, “5” is the dust protection rating, and 4 is the water protection rating. The main thing to know is that the last digit is the one you care about for rain. Higher is better, and the bare minimum for riding in the rain is going to be IPX4.

Braking performance on wet pavement was exactly that. We measured braking performance in the wet and compared stopping distances. This is the only score in the evaluation where a smaller number is better. The winning combination here is a short stopping distance that doesn’t supernatural braking skills to pull off.

Fender protection was measured by laying a straight surface from the edge of the tire to the rearward edge of the rear fender. This shows what direction water will spray when leaving the tire and fender. Zero degrees would be no fender at all, with water shooting straight at the rider’s ankles and above, where 60 degrees would hit the rider’s waist and above, 90 degrees would shoot water straight up, and 180 degrees would shoot water straight back at pavement level. Score is 0 deg to 180 degrees, with higher being better. The most critical number is that the angle be above 90 degrees, so water is going away from the rider rather than towards the rider.

Wet vs dry traction was measured with a drag test. Literally pulling a weighted scooter sideways and measuring the amount of force required to break traction. In this case the wet traction score of each scooter was only compared to the dry traction of that same scooter, giving an indication of how much you would need to adjust your riding on that scooter in the wet vs how you would ride it in the dry. A score of 90% would indicate that you have 90% as much traction in the wet as in the dry. Of course, higher is better with 100% being the highest score and indicating the same traction in the wet as on dry pavement.

Deck traction was measured in a similar manner, pulling a weighted shoe across the deck. Here we were able to compare absolute traction from scooter to scooter, since the weight and contact patch of the dragging device was the same for each test. A higher number here indicates more foot traction.

The subjective score for wet weather ride quality doesn’t appear as a score in the video, but was weighted equally to the other criteria when determining the final rankings. The ride quality score takes into account, things like: skill level required to achieve maximum braking in the wet, ease of throttle control, and things like slipping off of the deck of the EMOVE Cruiser during the brake test (something that actually happened, though the slip in the video was staged, of course).

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