This thing ROCKS! Currus Panther E-scooter review

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A 60 mph RC car vs 50 mph scooter. Who wins? In our Currus Panther e-scooter review we have fun enjoying the power of this 50 mph scooter around the scenic Red Rocks Amphitheater. Is the Currus Panther like the silly Pink Panther or is it more like the powerful Black Panther?

If you are looking for a high performance electric scooter like a WEPED or DUALTRON, then add the Currus Panther to your list.

The high performance Currus Panther scooter is no joke. If you want speed and power, in a well constructed scooter, then learn more about our thoughts in our written review:

Current pricing on the Currus Panther* with shipping to the US and Canada:
*If you put in the notes at checkout that you saw it on “gotscooter” you’ll get a set of free street tires and a handlebar bag.

For more insight, check out @Alien Rides review on the Currus Panther:

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