It’s HUGE! InMotion L9 Long Range Electric Scooter

The channel recently hit 20,000 subscribers! To celebrate and show my thanks I’ve teamed up with some great companies to do some sweet giveaways in this video and over the next few videos.

Enter to win a brand new InMotion L9 electric scooter:
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3. Comment below what e-scooter feature is most important to you & leave #inmotion in your comment.
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*One winner will be chosen at random and announced in a future video. The scooter and shipping will be covered but the winner may be responsible for paying local taxes. Special thanks to InMotion for sponsoring this giveaway.

The InMotion L9 electric scooter is a commuter e-scooter with big aspirations. The size, the weight, and the range are all big. I unbox the InMotion L9 and go on a ride with my wife. For details on the giveaway, check out the comments below.

My full review of the @INMOTION Global L9 e-scooter:

Safety gear that I recommend:…

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Disclosure: We do not get paid to make reviews but we were given this scooter to test and review. Purchases made through our affiliate links may offer a commission that goes towards supporting this channel and our websites.

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