How Far Does an Electric Scooter Go

How Far does an electric kick scooter go?
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There are approximately three different scooters
Long Range Scooters (Sport, Off road and long range cruisers)
Medium Range Scooters (Cruisers)
Short range (last Mile Solutions)

Manufacturers both new and old are caught in a range trap!
Mouse Trap Image
The first manufacturers advertised their electric scooters in โ€œideal conditionsโ€ with a very light rider. In most instances the rider was a child or very light adult and they ran the scooter on a track with zero wind on a warm day.
AS a result of this testing, new manufacturers have to do the same thing, otherwise their scooters will look like they have smaller batteries than their competition ๐Ÿ™

What affects the range of an electric scooter?
The big one is rider weight
Itโ€™s physicsโ€ฆ.the heavier and bigger you are the more resistance there is for the motors.

Next Temperature โ€ฆbatteries work best at warmer temperatures
If it gets cold the battery efficiency plummets (where i live if it gets down to freezing I can see a 30% reduction in range than the same scooter in the Spring or Summer)

Battery Size – Sorry guys, size matters ๐Ÿ™‚
Typically batteries are measure in Ah

If I have a battery that is the same size and I run it as a 36Volt scooter Iโ€™ll get more range but lower speeds than the same sized battery running at 72Volts.

The bigger the motor, the more the draw of current (electricity) the less range you have.

The slower you go the more range you can eek out ๐Ÿ™‚

Battery Age,.,,,the older and more miles you have on your battery the more degradation youโ€™ll experienceโ€ฆfor example a new scooter that got you 20 miles could be 10-15 miles after a few years of riding.

First up is this budget entry level scooter
The 36V HIBoy KS4 but this could be a 48V Niu KQi3Pro or other similarly priced scooters
Designed as Last Mile Solutions theyโ€™re not designed for range.
Theyโ€™re designed to be used to get to your local grocery store, gym, 1-5 miles one way.
Theyโ€™re advertised at 12-30 miles (20 -50 Kms)
But in reality less than half would be expected in real world conditions.
They usually arenโ€™t super comfortable but you can lift them up and pop them up a few stairs or into the trunk of a car fairly easily.

Second scooter is a commuter scooter
Typically 48V like this HiBoy S2 Max 500W
These have batteries that are measured in Ah
This one for example has an 11.6 Ah battery
Advertised range is 40 miles (64 km)
Again real world is have thatโ€ฆand if youโ€™re big like me then less than that.

Lastly the Big Boys like this Wolf King GT Pro
It has a massive 72V 35Ah battery and has dual 2000W motors
Which means itโ€™s fast, and has a huge range
Advertised range 74 mi (119.5 km) again half for most real world conditions

Another range monster is the EMOVE Cruiser 52V
Not nearly as fast as the Wolf with only a single 1000W motor but one of my most recommended scooters
It has a massive battery 30Ah
And an advertised range of 62miles (100kms)
But this one is interesting as Iโ€™ve seen people actually get the advertised range.
I was so amazed by this that I actually tested it myself and got half the range (you can see that range test in the show notes down below)

So bottom line, most manufacturers are letโ€™s say generous with their range specifications.

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04:00 Commuter/Cruiser Scooter Range
04:40 Large Scooter Range
05:53 What have I learned?

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