Can an Electric Cargo Bike do a Costco Run? Ebike Challenge

Can an Electric Cargo Bike do a Costco Run? Ebike Challenge
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Today I decided with the help of my camera man Michael and camera woman, Melissa to see if I could pickup our Costco groceries on an electric Ebike. I chose to compare the two typical ebikes, the Cargo Ebike and Ebike Cruiser. The Ebikes used in this video are the KBO Ranger and the KBO Breeze. Links to purchase are below

Some of the differences between the two Ebikes are weight distribution, kick stand and power.
With regards to weight distribution, the Cargo Ebike was far superior. It had a lower centre of gravity and lots of places to mount the groceries. It even has four bolts on the stem that would allow for installing an extra sturdy rack for even more carrying capacity. I also found the kick stand being a centre stand super helpful when packing the ebike up. It meant everything was flat and easy to stack up and strap down without anything slipping off..super smart in a cargo bike. Lastly having the extra power of the larger motor at the back meant that the KBO Ranger had no issues with all the weight on the hills and starting off at green lights.

It did rain off and on during our trip and I loved the full fenders, solid brakes and large tires for their grip. Melissa used the KBO Breeze for the Costco run and loved it. It has a single robust rack over the back wheel which means for smaller grocery runs this ebike would be ideal. However if you’re going to be hauling larger amounts, people or bulky items the benefit of a dedicated cargo bike is obvious.

00:00 Arrive at Costco
00:26 KBO Breeze
00:45 Costco Haul
01:26 All Loaded up!
02:05 Ride Back Home
03:27 Costco Run Challenge

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