Budget vs Premium Ebike – What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between a budget ebike and more premium ebike?
Today I have a MacMission 100 from MacWheel as a budget option and the KBO Breeze as a more Premium option.
What are the differences?
I cover a few of them in the video but they include.
Larger battery size 16AHr vs 13AHr
Higher Voltage – 48V instead of 36V
500 W vs 350 W motor size
So more speed, range and power for going up the hills.
The tires are a bit wider
The design is a little nicer
The seat is more comfortable
The premium Ebike has lights, front and rear and a rear rack
and has metal/aluminum mud guards…the budget bike has plastic mud flaps.
The pedals are a bit bigger on the KBO Breeze
The Breeze also came with a water bottle holder
The budget ebike is a little bit lighter (about 10lbs)
Lots of extras on a premium ebike including shocks to even out the bumps

To purchase a KBO Breeze, click on the link here: https://kbobike.com?sca_ref=1784780.Y…
I do get a very small commission if you happen to purchase through the link

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00:00 Budget vs Premium Ebike
00:15 KBO Breeze
01:04 Macwheel Macmission 100
03:00 Ebike Differences

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