Why this weird city is great for Onewheel, EUC, Escooter…

What makes a city great for personal electric vehicles like the Onewheel, electric unicycle, electric scooter, electric skateboard, and electric bicycle? In this video I share a group ride in one of the best cities to ride PEVs and I share 6 reasons why this city is so awesome when it comes to PEVs. Also meet some of the locals in this fun PEV town!

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Thanks to everyone from the Portland eride group who came out to meet and ride with me, my son, and Andrew!
If you have a chance to join one of their group rides, do it!

Special thanks for the following for allowing us to ride their scooters and EUCs:
@REV Rides
Cameron: https://www.youtube.com/user/camstermassie

Safety gear I wear when I ride: https://eucguide.com/the-best-safety-gear-for-onewheel-euc-is-this/

Got scooter questions? Get your questions answered and continue the discussion here on our got scooter? FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/493642891594729

While we rode in wet conditions, please use judgement whenever taking electronic devices near water.

Special thanks to Harry for his help with this video.

A production of Just Create Ltd with gotscooter.com
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How Do I Control My Kids?

The title of my post is a bit misleading, however it is a question every parent asks. The solution is that from the minute your child is birthed, it is your work to empower them to manage their very own actions. This happens over several years as well as throughout limitless scenarios, however every circumstance is a learning possibility.

Developing Your Preschoolers Socialization Skills

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