The Scooter Crossing – 4000 Miles, 10 States, 18.6 MPH

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In this exclusive electric scooter documentary, three friends embark on the world’s first-ever cross-country road trip by way of an electric scooter. Using the mighty Segway Ninebot MAX ( as their scooter of choice, the crew discovers the true essence of America by meeting the people and communities that define it. Through harsh weather, rugged terrain, and unforeseen obstacles, follow their journey towards scooter history.

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With a lot of time, effort, and scooting put into this movie, the group has been raising money for William Lawrence Camp in New Hampshire, who had to close their doors for the first time in over 100 years due to COVID-19.

Please consider donating to the cause below as they recover!
Donate to William Lawrence Camp

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