PDR Unbox| Unboxing and Review of E10 2020 Electric Scooter Bahrain

Model: E10 T13
The latest 2020, 800W model!

• Foldable electric scooter
• Removable chair
• Model No – T13 E10 Scooter
• Motor Voltage – 800 watts
• Battery-48V / 10 AH Battery
• Max. speed – 45-55 km/H
• Range – 30 – 40 km
• Wheels size 10 Inches
• Max. Load 120-150kg
• Climbing Gradient -20 Degrees
• Built in front and rear shock absorber
• Adjustable, lockable and foldable handlebar and post.
• Front and rear disc brakes
• Aluminum rims
• High performance tires
• LED headligh, signal lights, side strips chasing lights
• Brake light.
• Digital LCD screen board

Scooter Seller
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