Off-Roading with an Electric Scooter! #Shorts

The Varla Eagle One does a pretty impressive job off road.

City & off-road folding electric scooters, nearly 40 mph long-travel electric scooters. Dual hydraulic braking, easy, more efficient, with effortless power. Speed, Smoothness, maneuverability, all in all you need is here at Varla…MORE

The smooth ride of the varla eagle one is engineered to give you the finest and ultimate riding experience, regardless of your physical condition or style. Bikes are always a great way to travel, especially when the weather is not good for roads. With an electric motor scooter you will be able to experience the freedom of riding as though you were on a bicycle. Electric motors provide smoother ride, better handling, less wear and tear on the vehicle and the quietness that comes with it.

The varla eagle one electric scooter review will cover the scooter’s unique and advanced dual suspension system. The suspension system consists of two independent coil spring kits. Each spring kit features variable length shocks with individually adjustable rebound, compression and damping. Each shock can be adjusted separately for the different riding surfaces. The ride of the scooter is enhanced even more with the inclusion of hydraulic damping for extra suspension control and superior strength and durability.

One of the unique features of the varla eagle one is the patented “floating” rear suspension. When not in use, the suspension is fully locked and adjusts itself automatically depending on the load on the rear wheels. This allows the rider to have perfect control over the vehicle while riding off-road. The suspension system uses an air spring that offers constant support for all types of bumps.

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