AWESOME Flipsky Dual FSESC 6.6 INSTALL and Programing

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We just received an order from Flipsky including the top of the line ESC on the market, the Flipsky FSESC 6.6 Dual. Capable of outputting an amazing 200 peak amps.

Today we are going through the unboxing of the products, a detailed installation procedure, and then the programming of both the FSESC and the VX2 Pro Screen remote. Stay tuned for another video demonstrating the final product and ride along with a full review of the products we have installed today.

Also in that order, we got the brand new CloudWheels – the 105mm beasts to offer you the smoothest ride while keeping your grip on all terrains. I also got the brand new Flipsky VS2 screen remote, which gives you live stats about your ride and allows you to monitor your boards battery life and health like never before.

Get yours today here:
Flipsky FSESC dual 6.6 –
Cloud Wheels – choice between 105mm or 120mm –
Screen Remote VX2 Pro –

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