Are you kidding Mazda? 2022 MAZDA MX 30 EV Shocking Range

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Mazda recently started to advertise their new Electric car here in Canada, the 2022 MAZDA MX-30 EV and when I was reviewing the specifications I thought there was a typo. The stated range is 161 Kms or 100 Miles…that seems shocking to me in 2021 for a new release. The price is in the mid $40,000 range and for that I think people need to look elsewhere, the Hyundai, Tesla, VW for example…what do you think?
No road trips in this Mazda,. Hope the grocery store isn’t too far away.

Here are some specifications :

Mazda’s first EV comes with two trims, the GS for $42,150 CAD/$33,470 USD and the GT for $47,150 CAD/Premium Plus for $36,480 USD. The MX-30 has a 35.5 kWh lithium-ion battery powering an electric motor with 143 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque. It gets 161 km/100 miles of EV range and it’s FWD only. Mazda has partnered with ChargePoint, the world’s largest network of electric charging stations. In the US, MX-30 owners will receive a $500 credit toward public charging or the purchase of a home charger. You’ll also receive Elite access to the Mazda lineup. As a MX-30 owner you can select a non-EV courtesy vehicle up to 10 days a year for the first 3 years of ownership for longer-range trips. Here’s the charging breakdown: To charge your battery from 20% to 80%, it will take about 36 minutes with a Level 3 charger. 2 hours and 50 minutes with a Level 2 charger/240-volt outlet and 13 hours and 40 minutes with a Level 1 charger/120-volt outlet. Most owners choose to install Level 2 charging equipment in their home because it charges the vehicle so much faster than Level 1 charging. Level 3 charging is the fastest charging available. Unlike Level 1 and 2 charging that uses alternating current, Level 3 uses direct current. The voltage is much higher at 400-volts which is why you don’t see many Level 3 chargers installed at home. Not only is it expensive, but most residential areas don’t have the high-voltage supply required. Mazda uses sustainable materials like cork in the centre console and fibre made from recycled plastic bottles in the door panels. Mazda has created a comfortable cabin using sustainable materials. Mazda feels they have created a futuristic looking design with the MX-30. Yet staying true to the minimalistic design language we currently see in the Mazda fleet. The driver focused cabin with the latest technology is well organized. The rear seat is elevated compared to the front seat and made in a sofa style design giving maximum comfort and visibility. 12-speaker Bose sound system standard on the top trim. Mazda prides itself on craftsmanship and blending complex, quality materials to create a sophisticated interior. The MX-30 has a floating centre console and the door grips use cork, an eco-friendly resource that also pays homage to Mazda’s origin as a cork manufacturing company more than 100 years ago. The floating centre console features an electronic shifter and a dial to control the Mazda Connect Infotainment system. In front of this layout is a new 7” touchscreen for climate control but you can also you the tactile push buttons to operate the climate control.

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