Alien Reride 2020 | TOP 10 Personal Electric Vehicles, Scooters, Wheels and more.

>>Best Rated Electric Scooters<<

Join us for a showdown of the best personal electric vehicles of 2020. From electric scooters, to unicycles and more, these are our favorite rides of the year. Can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for the PEV scene!

Find these PEVs here:
Emove Cruiser –
Veteran Sherman –
Apollo Pro Ludicrous –
Trikke Sp33der 60 – (Coupon code alienrides)
Currus Panther –
Weped SS –
Walkcar –
Turbowheel Phaeton –
Apollo Ghost –
Rion Thrust –

Some things that help me ride and create videos:
– Insta 360 cameras:
– Boblbee Backpacks: Coupon code: P65ARIDES15
– Lazy Rolling: (Coupon Code: alienrides)
– Alien Rides Apparel: Coupon code: alienrides
– Nobleman tech gear:
– ShredLights:
– Fox Sports Proframe helmet:
– 360 Degree camera:
– DJI Mavic Pro 2:
– Motorcycle gloves:
– My riding sunglasses:

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00:00 Intro
00:39 Emove Cruiser
02:05 Veteran Sherman
04:03 Apollo Pro Ludicrous
05:37 Trikke Sp33der 60
07:30 Currus Panther
09:17 Weped SS
11:20 Walkcar
13:17 Turbowheel Phaeton
15:00 Apollo Ghost
16:25 Rion Thrust
18:55 Final Scores

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