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When traversing cities, sometimes taking the
car can wind up being slower than other methods of travel. Traffic is an ongoing nut we are always trying
to crack. Perhaps that's why there were 136 million
micro-mobility trips overall in 2019, with nearly two-thirds of those being e-scooters. In this video, we'll be covering five of the
best e-scooters. I'm Glenn, and let's get to it. To get notified when a new video is posted
hit the bell icon below, right next to the subscribe button. Thank you for watching Mind's Eye Design! Our first stop involves NantMobility, an operating
unit of NantWorks, and they look to further current innovations in micro-mobility. They see the efforts but know that more needs
to be done to achieve unity between man and nature. The way they see it, micro-mobility is a significant
key in that equation. Their inaugural answer is the Stator LE, which
they claim to be the highest quality scooter on the market today. It will be available in the Fall of 2021. Visually it is striking and offers a unique
look when compared to other scooters. That is a 50.8-inch wheelbase with 18 x 7.8-inch
wheels for better security and overcoming terrain hurdles.

The handlebar offers quick access to the brakes. It provides real-time feedback on the Stator
electric scooter's speed, ride mode, and battery. The 54V DC lithium-ion battery has a max power
of 1000W. The charge time is a little steep at six hours,
but the Stator LE has a fantastic range of 50 miles at a top speed of 30mph. It's streamlined, it's simple, it's Stator. It's so easy to use and so practical too. Fall cannot come quick enough! Next up, we have a company specializing in
electric bikes, but they support the electric movement at large. They even encourage customers to do their
own research before purchasing. Lunacycle has a strong belief in offering
top-quality products at an affordable price. The Luna Apocalypse V3 Scooter is one beauty
and perfectly encapsulates their beliefs. This escooter has three power modes.

Both modes above the first are no longer street-legal,
as the Luna Apocalypse was designed for racing. With some modifications, you could make it
street-legal, however. Only weighing 75-pounds, it is capable of
carrying 300-pounds. The 60V 27AH battery cells put out 1600 watt-hours
for a sizeable range that quickly reaches 30 miles with tops speeds over 35 mph. The Luna Apocalypse accelerates hard and brakes
hard with its dual hydraulic disc brakes and is made for experienced riders. It has impressive hill-climbing torque and
all-wheel drive. Fast, dependable, and solid, the Luna Apocalypse
is an easy pick-up and at an affordable price. Now we move to Splach, a Californian company
that has earned some reputation in the past for their quality machines and excellent customer
service. They have grown a little since then, and they now
offer a few more models, and they are adding more in the future. Sometimes a superb product is all it takes
for recognition, and with the Turbo Plus and the Swift, it's no wonder why they made our
number three. Both are available for preorder today. If you don't want to wait, the Turbo and Ranger
escooter models are available today.

The Turbo Plus is a powerful electric scooter,
as you may expect from the name. An 800W motor propels it to speeds of up to
26mph and up to a range of 28-33 miles. To compensate for speed on such a small machine,
they've installed a premium, adjustable suspension system that will absorb 87% of the shock for
an ultra-smooth ride on or off the road. Front and back wheel brakes are located on
the handlebars with a bell and dashboard. The Turbo Plus is also able to swiftly fold
up for easy transport and storage. If you don't need all that power in your scooter,
however, then perhaps the Swift is more your speed. Half the price of the Turbo Plus, and it still
has what you need. The 36V 250W rear-drive motor can still dish
out a top speed of 18.6mph with a range of 18.6 miles. Not too shabby for those looking for a quick
joyride or a means of travel from A to B.

The streamlined frame has an integrated magnesium
alloy molding for a light 34-pound micromachine. You won't have to worry about night travel
either, as the Swift has a headlight and ambient lights on both sides. Coming into our second place is Voro Motors. This company originated in Singapore and wants
to see alternative transportation become mainstream. They hope to see their affordable electric
scooters push that dream forward into reality. I think you'll howl in approval when you see
the Wolf King. A fantastic alternative transportation method
whether you're traveling at day or under the light of the moon. This eyecatching escooter comes with either
street or off-road tires. And with a VM motor that has a maximum output
of 6720 watts and an actual top speed of 60mph, you can easily shred the roadways. All that power and the Wolf King still has
a range of 50 miles. If you need a quick fillup, the charge
time sits at around five hours. It's not too hard to believe that the Wolf
King is the first super scooter to set every performance record, and it did so with zero
stem wobble.

The frame is comprised of aluminum forged
by 1600 pounds of pressure. With full hydraulic brakes, you are able to
control your speed with ease and safety. Paired with a hydraulic shock suspension usually
found in motorcycles, you know the performance doesn't outmaneuver personal safety. Continuing with safety, the Wolf King also
sports high-beam headlights for easy nighttime travel and a motorcycle horn built to be
heard. A rear taillight is here as well as ambient
undercarriage lighting. The Wolf King is genuinely the pack leader
when it comes to electric scooters, and it would take something truly special to top
it! Drum roll, please! With our finale, we knew we had to show you
something special, something to wow you. We think the Scotsman is the one to do it. They use an advanced 3D printing process that
allows them to build and customize the world's first 3D-printed carbon fiber electric scooter! Named after the company, the Scotsman comes
in three different flavors with five different colors, so you can find the right fit for
you! They're all made of the same industrial-grade
thermoplastic carbon fiber composite.

And each Scotsman comes equipped with 2 regenerative
disc brakes, a front-facing camera, integrated GPS, and 10" air-filled tube tires. Perhaps surprisingly, all three also have
a max range of 74 miles. The differences between the three versions
of the Scotsman become apparent when we look at power output. The Scotsman 500 weighs 40 pounds and has
two 250W motors. A top speed of 19mph is nothing to scoff at,
and the Scotsman 500 can tackle inclines of up to 25 degrees. The Scotsman 1000 also weighs 40 pounds, but
instead, it had two 500W motors with a top speed of 31mph. It can take on 25-degree inclines as well,
with a max load of 350 pounds. The Scotsman 2000 weighs 44 pounds and, you
guessed it, has two 1000W motors for a nearly daunting top speed of 45mph! The Scotsman 2000 can challenge even 40 degree
inclines with a max load of 350 pounds.

The Scotsman series brings a "Wow" factor
that is indisputable! So which of the three models pique your interest? Or is there another model on this list that
interests you more? Let us know in the comments. We'd love to hear what you have to say! If you enjoyed this video you can help us
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