Wolf King GT Pro Range Test – Big Guy Range Test

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Wolf King GT Pro Range Test
For this test I chose a destination, the airport, that was about 20 Miles (32 Kms) from Victoria to travel to and see how it would perform. Simply put I was blown away but the range of this 72V beast. If you happen to know how to turn on cruise control do let me know. I though it had something to do with pressing the negative button twice…but I couldn’t make it work. At the time of this filming, I was 265lbs and 6′ tall.

The Kaabo Wolf King GT premium electric scooter is built to go further, faster. Legit 70 mile range and 62 mph top speed. With more powerful 50A sine wave controllers in the stem, you can ride harder, longer without overheating. Under your feet, the King GT’s got an enormous rubberized deck, motorcycle-grade suspension on the front, and serious spring suspension on the rear. Along with those fat 11 in street tires, the GT delivers maximum comfort.

As their grand tourer, Kaabo fortified the aluminum alloy Wolf King GT design and amped up the comfort features. Upgrading from the traditional EY3 finger throttle and LCD display to a bigger, better, centered 4.2″ TFT display and more comfortable thumb throttle, it’s easier to check your speed, engage eco/turbo mode and switch on your lights. And, let’s talk about the lights. The King GT has front and rear turn signals, the signature Wolf dual headlights, and under-deck lighting, along with our full attention. It looks sick, rides smooth, and is the ultimate performance machine.

Enormous 72V 35 Ah Samsung or LG battery means you can reach higher speed and go longer range
Fortified, forged aluminum design with IPX5 rating rides through wet roads and light rain (but nix the heavy downpours)
Dual hydraulic brakes paired with the front and rear suspension system deliver excellent stopping power
Luxurious cockpit with a centered TFT display, updated eco/turbo buttons, thumb throttle, and taller, wider handlebars than the Kaabo Wolf King allows you to read and comfortable reach everything you need

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Watch the Full Trip up to the Airport on the Wolf King GT Pro – 90 Mins

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00:00 Wolf King GT Pro Range Test
00:27 What am I bringing
00:53 Eclectic Scooter Settings
01:33 Alex Cameo
02:27 Airport Arrival
03:00 Helmet Pickup
03:34 Return Trip
04:05 I made it!
04:35 What did I like
05:11 What I didn’t like

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