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Which Scooter Should I Buy Bryan? 4K πŸ›΄πŸš²πŸ›΅πŸš—πŸ‘‰

I received a lovely email from Bryan and he asks:
My name is Bryan – and I’m writing you from Washington, DC.

First off – sorry to be sending you unsolicited emails. But you might be the only person whose opinion I trust on my scooter choice.

I am a big fan of your videos – the scooters and Victoria scenery. I grew up in Oregon and ended up staying on Vancouver Island in the summer of 1990 – when a bike trip from Portland to Victoria went south. I spent much of that summer biking the island and living off beer and Nanaimo Bars.

Now at middle age I live in Washington, DC – and I am a big fan of our scooter & bike share programs. Unfortunately the city limited the speed on scooters to 10-12 MPH. Which is fine for people on a tour of the monuments, but kinda sucks for an aging – fat but athletic – guy like myself, trying to get around town.

Based on your videos I would say we are roughly the same size (6’ 260lbs) – so depending on your personal experience to help me find a scooter that best fits my needs.

I would like a scooter that carries my weight, does well on hills (doesn’t necessarily need to eat them up) and that can provide a comfortable ride on DC’s notoriously rough -then smooth – and then rough again streets.

I think I have narrowed it down to some variation of Apollo Ghost, Varla EO, Zero 10x – or an Emove Cruiser.

I don’t think I would want to go much over 25mph on a scooter. I have an ebike and that is the range where I normally tap out on speed – so a dual wheel scooter doing 40 is not in my future. But the ability to climb hills easily sounds nice.

And most of my trips will be under 10 miles round trip so I don’t think the Emove 50 mile range is nesscesary – but it beats having to carry your dead scooter on the bus back home.

I know you have ridden the Cruiser and I think you own a Varla so I’d love your perspective.

Thanks again for sharing your videos – they are great. Again I really enjoy them.


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