We bought a 60 mph Escooter to review: Kaabo Wolf King

Is the Kaabo Wolf King worth the hype? Combining what we love about the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ with a 72 volt battery and larger motors produces a ton of power, but is it enough to call the Wolf King the King of all electric scooters? We also give an update on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE at the end.

Our electric scooter guru, Andrew, purchased the Kaabo Wolf King and had a month to get intimate with the scooter. In this review, we will break down the pros and cons to get your questions answered about the Wolf King.

***Since filming this review there have been a few recent reports of Kaabo Wolf electric scooters breaking. We address this issue in this article:

Our full written review of the Kaabo Wolf King: https://gotscooter.com/kaabo-wolf-king-72-v-e-scooter-10-things-we-loved-hated/

If you are interested in purchasing the Kaabo Wolf King+, please use our link:

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