Vsett Electric Scooters – The Next Generation, available at Personal Electric Transport

Developed by the team that pioneered the super-scooter, Vsett electric scooters are the next generation performance icons.

PET will initially be launching three Vsett electric scooters in the UK, available for pre-order in limited numbers. The three all-new models feature a host of innovations and class-leading specs to the portable, compact-performance and super-scooter spaces.

The new Vsett 10+ aims to be the super-scooter performance king. A large 60v 28ah LG battery and two 35a motor controllers drive new 1.6kw nominal dual-motors. These new motor controllers feature overheat protection and a temporary over-boost function deployed by a Boost button.

The new Vsett 9+ is a super-usable compact performance scooter. Components have been expertly judged to provide the rider with all the real-world performance needed without the bulk. The Vsett 9+ is scalpel sharp for point-to-point urban rides, with the torque and agility to keep you out of danger and the suspension to deal with the meanest city streets.

The new Vsett 8 brings super-scooter features and flexibility to the portable sector. Compact dimensions and a quick folding mechanism will allow the Vsett 8 to handle a daily mixed commute including trains and car boots. Vsett has specified a solid rear tire to rule out punctures and kept the weight to a minimum should you need to carry the scooter.

Signature swing-arm suspension systems feature on every Vsett electric scooter. Adjustable set-ups allow the ride to be tailored for rider tastes. The suspension combines with well-judged geometry and rugged frames to bring new levels of stability to the riding experience.

All Vsett scooters feature an all-new throttle display unit with an innovative NFC card key security system. Each scooter has all-round mechanical brakes and an anti-lock e-brake on the driven wheels. High security folding mechanisms feature on all models with failsafe locks. Handlebar grips integrate turn-signal indicator buttons placed under the rider’s thumbs for ease of use.

Vsett from PET – the next generation of performance electric scooter has just arrived.

Demos available at our London store – Contact us to arrange a test ride!

Order via the links below:
Vsett 10+ https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk/shop/electric-scooter/vsett-10/

Vsett 9+ https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk/shop/electric-scooter/vsett-9/

Vsett 8 https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk/shop/electric-scooter/vsett-8/

USA dealer – REVrides, get $50 off via the link below or use a discount code “REVPET”:

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