VSETT 9+ Dual Motor eScooter REVIEW – BETTER than expected!!! But is it worth to pay the premium?

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VSETT Scooters:

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Hi and welcome to my channel! I’m Adam Malicki (aka mr. Wrong Way) and I test small electric vehicles for a living. My job is to show you pros and cons of Electric Unicycles, Electric Scooters, eBikes and other Personal Electric Transport in a entertaining and unbiased way.

Alongside reviews and compilations, this is what you can expect to see on the channel:

– How To videos and tutorials
– Tricks, Jumps
– Demanding Riding – Hill Climbs, Speed Tests
– Occasionally Crashes
– Top 10 Videos
– Disassembly videos / Teardowns
– Ride Footage and Range Tests
– Travel Vlogs and Funny Videos

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GEAR I use on a daily basis:

Helmet: RuRoc Berserker, O’Neal Backflip Muerta
Jacket: Shima Protective Jacket
Shin guards: Leatt Dual Axis
Wrist Guads: Oxelo Decathlon
Shoes: Merrell Vapor Glove, O’Neal MTB, Columbia Fairbanks (winter)

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