VSETT 8 Electric Scooter Review: Packed with Features

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VSETT 8 Electric Scooter Review: Packed with Features

Got VSETT 8 Scooter questions? We got answers. The VSETT 8 electric scooter is not as fast or as flashy as the higher end VSETT scooters, but it’s the most portable and affordable VSETT scooter of the group. The VSETT 8 escooter is packed with great features that make it more than just another commuter electric scooter.

Our full written review of the VSETT 8:

Check out pricing of the VSETT 8 at REVrides: http://bit.ly/3ePYeiZ
Check out pricing of the VSETT 8R at REVrides: http://bit.ly/3bSZVKK
Save an extra $50 with coupon: gotscooter

UK and Europe check out pricing of the VSETT 8 at PET: https://bit.ly/30QxKpz
Save an extra £50.00 with coupon code: gotscooter

Canada check out pricing of the VSETT 8+ at Urban Machina: http://bit.ly/3lCOomd
Save CAD $100 with coupon code: UMI-GOTSCOOTER

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Nathan and Tyler at REVrides: https://youtube.com/c/RevRides360
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Andrew at https://gotscooter.com/

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