VSETT 10+ ELECTRIC SCOOTER Unboxing – A new GENERATION of eScooters!!!

Today we are unboxing the VSETT 10+ electric scooter! This was really unexpected but this electric rideable really caught me off guard. The quality and design of the VSETT 10+ is truly something else. Check it out for yourself! The VSETT 10+ is a successor so to speak to the TECHLIFE X7 which was really popular in 2020. Boasting more power, a bigger battery and a better build qualit, this scooter really is set to get a huge following in 2021.

VSETT Scooters:


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(Applicable til 15.03.2020)


Weight: 36kg
Battery: 60V28Ah 1680Wh (several battery options)
Controllers: 2x30A (2x35A for 8 second boost)
Motors: 2x1400W
Wheels: 10×3.0
Suspension: coil front and rear
Charging time: 6/12h
Lighting: indicators, brake lights, front lights + front light with lens

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