Varla Sent Us A Scooter And It Almost Killed Elijah!

A scooter company reached out to Jeff to see if we would be interested in an electric scooter and he said “Sure”. They sent us the scooter and it’s actually pretty darn fun! The boys loaded up the scoot and took her for a rip at one of our local spots. If fast scooters interest you, this one is legit for sure. Check out a Varla scooter at this link 👉

Should we mess around with more PEVs and see if we can break them? 🤣

Rad Accessories Here!! 👉​

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A Letter From The World’s Most Embarrassing Dad

Precious darling daughter, Let me begin by mentioning the obvious – I enjoy you. But also for me to honor that dedication, I should honor myself too – the I is equally as crucial to uphold as the love for you is, else I would not be your dad in any way.

Harvard University’s Making Caring Common Project

For the “Making Caring Common Job,” Harvard University surveyed some 10,000 middle and also high schoolers from 33 institutions across the country in 2013 1nd 2014. They likewise talked to hundreds of parents, and also the outcomes may extremely well trouble you as well as require you out of your convenience zone.

Children Under Stress

All children throughout maturing encounter small stresses: crashes and health problems, the birth of a new child, a move of residence or college, as well as the inevitable demands of increasing maturity as well as self control. Many kids react to these stress and anxieties with momentary behavior disorders, such as nightmares, bed wetting, mood outbursts or too much worries. Major difficulties develop only when the tensions are frustrating or when the grownups are also occupied to take care of the youngster’s signals of distress.

Mondays at Juvenile Hall

Being a spiritual advisor to a group of incarcerated teenage young boys has its obstacles. It makes you encounter your own uncertainties and examinations your own confidence. I leave them with a prayer for them and a request for petitions in return.

A Children’s Book: Aims and Aspirations

When I initially resolved to creating my children’s stories in the very early 1970s, I had a precise function in mind. One-by-one my 3 kids left house in Kumasi, Ghana, to attend boarding school in England, as well as I really felt a need to add something a bit more substantial to their regular letters. So I began cushioning out each envelope with a few extra type-written web pages which contained a full tale in an acquainted collection. If the key objective was to captivate, there was constantly a prejudice to complement their formal education and learning.

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