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Varla Eagle One Overview

We are pleased to present our Varla Eagle One review 2022. This brand is relatively new and only offers one model. However, it is truly a beast. This superpowered scooter is a top-quality entry-level model. This eScooter costs $1600 and is priced at the same price as the Apollo Ghost, which is a similar-performing model. Even though it is suitable for long-distance commutes, powerful motors and large batteries require a sturdy yet heavy frame.

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We recommend that riders who have to carry their bikes upstairs looking for something lighter or smaller. This model is surprisingly agile and has a great balance. Without any wobbling or balance problems, we were able to coast at approximately 2-3 km/h. Without going into too much detail, let’s get to the heart of Varla Eagle One’s 2022 review. Let us start with speed, distance, and power.

Speed, power & distance

Dual 1000W motors, and a maximum. The Eagle One is a top-seller in this segment, thanks to its dual 1000W motors and a maximum. This model has a tremendous acceleration power that allows it to spin at full throttle even when stationary. This eScooter can reach speeds of 30 km/h in a matter of seconds, faster than conventional mopeds. Riders can choose from three gears that offer different levels of power and speed. You can also switch between single and dual motor modes, which will essentially double your power, although it feels more like twice.

Eco mode allows riders to extend their battery life and increase mileage, which can be as high as 40 miles. The official speed limit is 40 mph, which we were able to exceed. However, variables like rider weight, incline and terrain can have an impact on overall performance. This model’s hill climbing ability is outstanding. It can climb hills up to 30 degrees without losing speed. We recommend that riders use adequate protection due to the model’s raw power. Varla includes a complete set of wrist, elbow and knee pads in the box.

Electric scooter with the fastest speed

It’s amazing how fast it goes!

Although officially rated at 40 mp/h (not recommended), we drove it faster than that (not recommend); faster than its Apollo Ghost equivalent. Trigger throttle is used to accelerate, located near the LCD display. The most power will be available to riders in gear 3 dual motor mode. On grass, it easily hits 25 mp/h

Is it appropriate for my age and weight?

Varla doesn’t disclose an age recommendation for the Eagle One. However, it is clear that this high-powered scooter was designed with adults aged 18+ in mind. Varla recommends that the maximum weight for this model be 265 lbs (120kg). As mentioned previously, riding weight can have an impact on overall performance.

Varla Eagle One Performance eScooter

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What is the distance/range?

We were able to get the Eagle One up to 40 miles on a single charge using first gear and single motor mode. This is just one mile more than the Apollo Ghost. It’s great for commutes and long-distance riding. As mentioned above, this model is heavy and bulky at 77 lbs. This can make transporting it difficult.

Battery Life & Charging

Our 2021 Varla Eagle One review has been moved to battery life and charging. The battery is a large 52V 18.2AH Li-ion, and comes with a 2-year warranty. Varla managed to get more mileage than Apollo with this battery, despite it being the same size as Ghost. The industry standard for lithium-ion batteries is fast becoming Lithium-ion. They have a longer life span, larger capacity and are faster to charge than their traditional counterparts.

We were quite surprised by the Eagle One’s quick charge time considering its role as a long-range, high-performance eScooter. It takes between 8 and 9 hours (single charging). This is a significant improvement on the Ghost’s time-consuming charging process that can take up to 12 hours using the standard charger. The Eagle One is clearly the winner as other similar-performing electric scooter models require 12+ hours charging times. Dual charging can be done in a much shorter time with the two ports.

Review of the Varla Eagle One Performance Scooter

Varla Eagle One Charging Ports

What is the charge time?

Charger: Single charge: 8-9 hours

Dual charger: 4-5 Hours

Safety and protection of your battery

It is integrated within the deck and protects against bumps, impacts, and other external forces. This provides greater protection for the battery but riders will still need to charge their batteries directly from the deck. A removable battery would give the model an edge over other models that are comparable in performance. The Eagle One eScooter’s almost all components are IP54 water-resistant. This protects against dust ingress from all angles and moderate sustained water pressure.

How long can the battery last?

A typical Lithium-ion battery of average quality lasts approximately. Before any faults occur, an average Lithium-ion battery will last approximately 600 to 1000+ charge cycles. This would require approximately. This would require 2-3 years of daily charging. Varla also offers a 2 year warranty on the battery to protect riders from any problems.

Design and Ergonomics

Let’s get into the design and ergonomics section of Varla Eagle One’s review for 2021. It is necessary to have a large frame in order to accommodate such a powerful battery and dual motors, as previously stated. It is difficult to transport a heavy, but durable, scooter manually. Because of its size and weight, it took two people to lift the scooter up the stairs.

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This model is not suitable for commuters who are looking for maneuverability and portability. This scooter is high-performance and appeals to both thrill-seekers as well as die-hard fans. This frame is extremely durable and can withstand harsh hits without breaking, bowing, or warping. The dual spring suspension system is great. It provides a smooth ride and can eat up speed bumps and small potholes with ease. All the while maintaining excellent control.

varla eagle one

The frame folds completely and provides extra convenience. However, the handle is not integrated for easy transportation. Due to the bulky frame and heavy design, this model remains unsuitable for commuters relying on high mobility/portability. The 10″ pneumatic street tires are large and grippy, providing excellent grip on many terrains. The Eagle One can reach speeds up to 25 mp/h in grass using these standard tires. Varla also stocks optional off-road tires. Each order includes 4 deck mats with different designs. This deck mat provides excellent grip.

Even though the designs may not be to everyone’s liking, it is nice to give riders the option of choosing.

Varla Eagle One accessories & spares

Varla offers a variety of spare parts for the Eagle One. You can easily find replacement chargers, deck hooks and fenders, LCD displays, handlebar bag, handlebar bags, and other accessories at a fair price through the official supplier. You can also purchase an official Varla eScooter seat, which is easy to install. You can view the entire range of Eagle One accessories right here.

varla eagle one review

Which material is it made of?

Aluminum alloy, lithium-ion batteries, pneumatic rubber tires, and LCD backlight display

It can be used as a regular scooter.

It is not recommended. Although it can be used for traditional purposes when locked, it’s too heavy to allow riders to pick up speed. Riders also run the risk of injury. I sprained my ankle while testing this section. It was caused by my foot clipping the kickstand as I pushed off the ground downhill. Although this is a common error, we recommend that riders use extra caution when riding heavier scooters.

Is it compatible with your smartphone via Bluetooth or app?

No, unfortunately, we couldn’t find any evidence of Bluetooth connectivity.

Quality and usability

Our 2021 Varla Eagle One review focuses on build quality and ease of use. This model exceeded our expectations. It has a strong aluminum alloy frame that gives it a great build quality. This eScooter can support weights up to 330 lbs (150kg), making it one of the most powerful scooters available. Varla has not compromised on quality by using lithium-ion batteries and ensuring IP54 waterproofing for the majority of parts. This protects against dust ingress and water splashes.

Varla All Terrain Electric Scooter | 40 MPH | 2000W

While components may require some tightening of the screws when they are first opened from the box, there is no rattle provided that this is done properly. The key ignition had a minor problem. We accidentally drove the screw into the component and it was quite difficult to remove. The LCD display displays speed, gear mode, and mileage. It is also clear and concise. This controller is generic and was not manufactured in-house. Instead, they sourced the exact same component as the Apollo Ghost. The dual spring suspension, which is a superb design, provides a smooth ride and great flexibility.

Concerning ease-of-use…

The Varla Eagle One is not easy to use. The Varla Eagle One is heavy at 77 pounds and requires some strength to maneuver when stationary. Riders will not have any problems controlling the ride once it is moving. It is extremely balanced and can crawl at speeds between 2-3 km/h, without tipping over. The cruise control feature is a great option, which allows long-distance riders to take a break. Regenerative brake is an integral feature. It converts kinetic braking energy to battery power, increasing mileage and providing additional power.

The handlebars provide great grip, even when wet or sweaty hands are involved. It is easy to use the handlebars, which makes it a simple and straightforward experience. You can charge your device using the USB port. This is great for mapping routes but comes with higher battery consumption. The key ignition is an excellent addition that increases security and provides some anti-theft protection. A kickstand integrated into the vehicle allows for quick and easy parking no matter where you are.

The controller is easy to use for those who are familiar with Apollo scooters. This model uses a generic “QS-S4” display, which was sourced from the same supplier as Apollo. It may seem a bit daunting at first but riders will soon get used to it. To change settings, simply turn on and press the power and mode buttons simultaneously. Or just hold mode to turn the lights on. This tutorial will cover how to use the controller in detail.

Overall, the ride is easy and comfortable once you get moving. You can also have your seat installed for additional comfort. Even though it comes with an integrated bell (which is quite fragile and would be a good idea to upgrade), the vehicle does not have a lot of features. For safety and usability on the road, this is the section that we think is the most important.

Safety and usability

We will now be focusing our review on the Varla Eagle one on safety and usability. Personal safety is paramount for almost all riders, whether they are riding on roads or on the road. Riders will not have any trouble keeping up with urban traffic because they have such a lot of power. We recommend that riders use this high-performance eScooter with its impressive top speed.

varla scooter

Varla comes with wrist, elbow, and knee pads. Please wear them along with a helmet. Keep both feet on the deck until you are stationary. Even at low speeds, injuries can still happen. While testing the functionality of a regular push-scooter, I only barely clipped its kickstand at 9 km/h but immediately injured my ankle.

Stay seen during both night & day

For street and nighttime riding, integrated front and rear lighting allow riders to see and remain seen. Front lighting is located on the deck and has rear brake lights that let motorists know when riders are slowing. To turn on the headlights, simply hold down the mode button on your controller. Although this is an important feature, we think that the left/right indicators would be a great addition.

The Varla Eagle One is a great vehicle for moving. It handles well and has a brilliant balance. The result is that riders can tackle potholes and speed bumps without losing control. The Eagle One, like many heavier models, is not easy to maneuver at rest. However, it maintains its balance well even at speeds of 2 km/h.

Varla Eagle one vs apollo ghost

Amazing braking and on/off-road functionality

Dual hydraulic disc brakes provide a remarkable response, making it possible to stop abruptly and quickly on demand. This is a crucial requirement for riding in traffic. A safety feature on the Eagle One is an anti-lock brake system (ABS). This helps riders steer in emergency situations by restoring traction.

eagle one scooter

This model is capable of hitting 25 mph on grass using only standard street wheels. Varla offers additional off-road wheels to fit the Eagle One. This model is suitable for both on-road and off-road use, depending on the laws in your area.

Is Varla Eagle One waterproof?

The Varla Eagle One has an IP54 rating. This means that it is resistant to dust ingress and can withstand sustained water blasts at moderate pressure. The deck houses most electrical components. Any external cabling is well protected. Varla advises against riding in the rain for prolonged periods. Find out more about IP ratings.

Is it equipped with cruise control?

Yes, riders can activate cruise control using the buttons on the LCD display. To set the cruise control to 1, hold down the mode and power buttons.


Before closing, we moved our Varla Eagle One 2021 review onto maneuverability. It is not easy to move this model from a stationary position or attempt to transport it by hand. It is heavy and cumbersome. Two people are required to lift the frame up the stairs. Although 77 pounds (34.9kg) may seem like a small amount, it adds up when you rotate such a large model through a door or in tight spaces such as a car boot.

This model is not suitable for people who must live upstairs or charge their car without assistance. This model is suitable for those who have stairs or a lot of living space. The Varla Eagle One’s riding maneuverability is remarkable for its size and weight. It is agile and nimble and can be turned easily.

Restrictions and availability

According to what we have seen, Varla seems to be able to ship the Eagle One internationally and domestically. The official Varla website offers a 2-year warranty that covers any defects.

Riders are advised to double-check the laws and regulations in their area. This will ensure that your transport methods remain legal. Some countries prohibit models over certain motor sizes. Thank you for reading the Varla Eagle One review 2022. Please leave a comment with any questions. A detailed video review of this model will be available soon. Please check back soon. You can browse the most popular Varla Eagle One coupons and promo codes for 2022.

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