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This is NOT a Paid promotion. I’ve been uneasy riding my Onewheel lately after seeing so many people get hurt. I started shopping these high end electric scooters for a few weeks and decided this was the one. I first saw it on @RK9 Rides channel. There were no other scooters with so many options in this price range. I look forward to putting this to the fat guy scooter challenge and see how it holds up. There are adult electric scooters available from $300 to over $3000. The Varla Eagle One comes in right in the middle at $1500 and I think it was worth the money. The dual 1000 watt motors and suspension along with a 52volt 18.2 amp hour battery give this scooter the speed and range I was looking for. At my weight I don’t expect to get the advertised top speed of 40 mph or the 40 mile range but I’m okay with that.

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