Varla Eagle One Accessories

Varla Eagle One Accessories
Varla sent me a care package, thank you πŸ™‚

To purchase any Varla Accessories visit their website

They gifted me a
Pair of Varla scooter Off-road tire 10×3 inches (2 pcs) | Eagle One
a Varla Electric Scooter Handlebar Bag
and a Varla Short Sleeve T-shirt
Special thank you to Varla!
I’ll have a 1000 Kilometer Review of the Varla Eagle One coming soon as I’ve just passed the 850Km mark πŸ™‚

The Varla Short sleeve T-Shirt sets you up with soft cotton material and with a classic Varla skull on the chest.

Varla Electric Scooter Handlebar Bag
Multi-function handlebar bag
Β· Large Capacity: 5L, EVA hard shell scooter bag built-in compartment for easy fixing of items.
Β· Rainproof Design: The handlebar bag made of rainproof PU+EVA fabric, splash-proof, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant.
Β· Reflective Design: The scooter bag has a front reflective pattern, and side reflective safety warning strip to enhance safety warning during nighttime.
Β· Easy To Install: Scooter frame bag with 4 adjustable longer self-adhesive straps, it is easy installation and stable.

Varla scooter Off-road tire 10×3 inches (2 pcs) | Eagle One
2 pcs of Off-road tire for Varla Eagle One Electric scooter
Tire size: 10 x 3 inches
Performance: have non-slip resistance, drainage, load resistance, and strong off-road ability.
Material: made of high-quality rubber materials, with rubber grooves on the surface, good grip, explosion-proof and pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, and durable.

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