Varla $200 Discount – Varla Eagle One or Pegasus

Just a quick video to share that Varla has a $200 off coupon on their website for the first 200 buyers. The remaining buyers can get $100 off and a handlebar bag. Black Friday Special πŸ™‚

Varla Pegasus Review – Fabulous Electric Scooter for an Awesome Price
Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter review was a delight to film.
Special thank you to Varla for sending me out a unit for filming πŸ™‚
I will be doing a Varla Pegasus long range test and Varla Pegasus top speed test in future videos.

I did receive this scooter for free from Varla for review purposes, but this review is not paid for or sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Varla Pegasus Specifications
48V 15.6 Ah
2x500W motors
30 kg / 66 lbs
Max Range 45 km/h 28 mph
Range 45 km / 28 miles
8β€³ Solid Fat Tires
Dual Spring Suspension
Dual Disc Brake
Headlight & Taillight
Generic Display
Waterproof Rating IP54
LCD Display
Payload Capacity Max. 280 lbs

Varla Eagle One Manufacturer Specifications
Dual Hub Motor
2x 1000W
Peak Power 3200W
52V/18.2 Ah, 946 Wh
40+ Mile Range
Top Speed 40Mph / 64Kph
10″ Pneumatic Tires
LCD Display
Dual Lock Clamps
Max Load 330lbs
Scooter Weight 77lbs

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