Top 10 Differences Between The New Dualtron Thunder 2 & Dualtron Thunder 1 Electric Scooters

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We finally got our hands on the new Dualtron Thunder 2! ( See how it stacks up against the original Dualtron Thunder ( and discover the top 10 differences between the two!

Intro: 00:00
#1 Power : 00:31
#2 Double Click Throttle : 00:48
#3 Top speed: 01:32
#4 Range: 01:52
#5 flat proof tires: 02:23
#6 upgraded battery: 03:24
#7 aluminum Footrest: 03:50
#8 rubber deck: 04:28
#9 even more swag slights: 04:48
#10 Lighted Control Panel: 05:11
#11 Side Stand: 05:39
Pros Thunder 2: 05:56
Pros Thunder I: 06:08

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