This NEW Scooter Company Has Some Personality! 😆 – The Äike T

Here’s Kristjan, the “Spiritual Leader” of Äike–we find Äike hilarious, and we hope they do well. The T is “the First Scooter with USB-C charging” (100% true) and first with (their words) “Raw Sex Appeal” see it here 👉

It’s exciting to see a company backed by Comodule (the leading micromobility IoT company in the world having connected 500,000 vehicles at this point, including Super73) entering the space. This nets out to great innovation industry-wide, although we’re very intrigued to see how they’re going to make your scooter charge quickly–

UPDATE: we clearly have more to learn about USB-C protocol. Wattage can be 100 to 240W we hear. We apologize for our mistake and always want to get this stuff right!

🛴 Aike T 🛴:

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