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Hi, i’m Chris, and this is Vera, my assistanthere and the Varla Eagle One. This is by farthe fastest e-scooter that i’ve reviewedin the channel. Now this one really islike the tesla of e-scootersand. Why is that? Well, it hasdual motors on it 1000 watts.

So this thing is anabsolute monster. Top speed is 40 miles per hour65 kilometers per hour, and that really is quitescary. So that’s why i’ve got the full facehelm right here and i’ve got some extra padding onjust in case, but i didn’t really want to do. Thosekind of speeds on such tiny little wheels herebut. It actually doesn’t feel bad at all once youget up to higher speeds.

This is a scooter. Thatcan really handle it with the dual suspensionthe Eagle. One comes well packaged up. We just needto install the handlebar and then the controlscrew those firmly into place, and we are done sosome very light assembly. It only took me about10 minutes or so to get myself up and running withthis, so they do include a spare inner tube.

We havethree different grip tape. Styles, so if you don’tlike the one that it comes with, you can swap itout and they also include some elbow and kneepads for protection. Most people would just havea helmet and i do recommend, definitely wearinga helmet and some extra protection with such afast potent scooter as expected for a dual motorscooter that this one is a bit heavy. So it’s 35kilos and i like the ride height on this soit’s high enough that you can drop down curbsor even go up then without scraping the undersidewhere. The battery is our front motor here.

This isa thousand watts just like the rear. One and youcan see that either side we do have these brightled lights for a bit of safety. I do like this nowthe mud guard here. This is probably the cheapestthing out of these scooters is the mud. Guardsthe plastic used isn’t exactly high qualityand there’s a little bit of red here.

It doesn’tactually do anything it’s just well for decorationand. That does feel a little bit cheap, there’salso a little bit of that red plastic just onthe side. Here now this doesn’t seem to have anyleds in it. It doesn’t light up. So it’s just aagain for decoration, 1000 watt rear motor, again thefront and back suspension i’ll get more onto theride of this later on, but just to say that thesuspension is really well tuned for the weightof, the scooter and at least my weight to on it.

Ireally do like it it’s the best yet that i havetested kickstand right here, and this part is metalagain that the everything is bolted in place. Therebuild quality is excellent. It’S just the mudguardplastics. I think they could have used a slightlybetter material there and the deck on this onenice and wide. I can fit both my feet on herewithout any problems, and you can use this for yourrear foot too.

If you wanted to do so and the griptape here, you can change this, there are anotherthree included in the box, the battery is insidehere and it is 18 amp hours and up the frontright side. Here we have the charging connectornow. It will take about eight hours to fully chargewith just the single charger, but you can connect asecond. That’S why it has the two charging portsand. You can halve that charge time to bring itdown to four hours, which is great consideringthat.

This is a large 18 amp hour. Batteryand for a scooter as fast as this one that canget up to 40 miles per hour 65 kilometers per hourit, does have very good brakes on it. Now our tiresthey are small, so 10 inches by three inches widewe’ve got a hundred and sixty millimeter discshere a hydraulic brake setup. So this one just hasa single pot, caliper here hydraulic of course andthe brakes are very good and i will test them outlater on in this review. There is the same setup: sowe’ve got the hydraulic brakes, 160-millimeter discanother thing i like about the scooter comparedto, the other large scooter i have here is theway they’ve done the handlebar stem.

Now it hasthese two quick-release latches, but it actuallyslots down over. So there’s this clamp that goesover, where the stem is, and it has no play in itso. This is a very secure way of doing it and as aresult it just feels so much safer and more securethan. The e-move cruiser that i have from Voromotors, so the handlebars they don’t fold inand this in a way is a good thing, because i don’tnormally fold handlebars in any way and it meansthat the handlebars just feel stronger, more rigidthere’s, less play and movement in them, giving meagain More confidence when i ride this scooter andnow our handlebars here, so we’ve got the hydraulicbrakes as mentioned before. They do include a bellfor a little bit of safety.

I would have preferredthe electric buzzer, we sometimes get with these scooters and the e-bikes. I’Ve been reviewing inthe channel, but hey that’s good enough to justadvise people to get out of the way or whateverso we’ve got a switch here. That, in is on the ecomode out, is the turbo and we’ve got the single anddual switch. Then so you can either have thetwo wheels, driven, that’s the thousand wattstimes two or just the rear, which is good forsafety. If you’re gon na be riding this in the weti highly recommend, you only use the single modewhy.

Is that because the front wheel can slip andin the wet? That’S a recipe for disaster, you comingoff this and hurting yourself. So we do have a keyand. The spare there for locking this this is ourvoltage a little hard to see and sunlight herenow the grips they’ve used. They are lock gripsand, they are not going anywhere very sturdyso, the handlebar and then i’ll stemhere everything is bolted into.

Placei did have to tighten all of this up. When i firstassembled that’s the only assembly you need to dois just to put on the handlebar and then tighteneverything up now. This is a little bit cheap itwiggles around a little. This is for our okay ourignition. You could say the on and off and it’sgood to have this lockable, so you can leave thescooter somewhere and no one can power.

It up. Butthe build quality of this, the plastics they’re alittle on the cheap, considering the price of thisone. So obviously we have power on holding it. Downwill power off mode goes through the differentgears, so this is for our power and speed reallyso gear. One gear to get three holding down modewill then turn on the front and rear led lightsthis is our accelerator.

Now this i do find to be alittle sensitive now, there’s two ways you can setit up. If you go into the advanced settings of thisyou, can set it up that you just pull the triggerand. It goes, which is great, but it can be a littlebit dangerous. Now this has happened to me beforeon a previous scooter, not this model here, thoughi accidentally touched it when i was walking alongwith it and then the scooter took off and almostpulled my arm out of my shoulder my collarbonethere, and that was very, very sore, so i recommendto Have the kick kick to start is a little bitof, a safety option there, which i’ve currentlyactually got disabled now to go into the advancedsettings. Here you can hold down those two buttonsand, that’s when you get into the advanced settingmenu, which is the p menu.

So you go throughp01 and all the different ones there to changeand adjust things. That’S how you can unlock thespeed limit, but i won’t tell you exactly how todo that there’s plenty of good tutorial videosout there that you can find on google on thatso. If you click this with the power buttonjust tapping it, you can go through our tripmeter, you can see our voltage there whichis currently 54.6 volts and the odometer heretoo, which are currently done. 24 kilometers nowyes.

You can change this into miles per hour. Tooif! You wanted to do so, and the shimming you’reseeing this screen just shimmering away thatis only on camera. Unfortunately, all my camerasshutter rates and whatever i try it seems to dothat because of the refresh rate of the screenso. I want to talk a little bit about the ridecomfort of this one just going along right nowthat, it does have plenty of room for my feetyou can see on the deck here so plenty of roomright.

There handlebars are good. Now you cannotadjust the height of them at all, but i don’t findit a problem at all. I do want to point out onething, though, that with this particular scooterthe front of it, because it’s got the motor on thefront, it’s a little heavier the turning circleseems, not as good as the others that don’t havethe motors on the front. That’S because of thecables there because of the front suspension setupis just a little bit different and i do noticethat like if i want to go around here. They do thisat lower speeds.

It’S a little bit cumbersome, andthe accelerator is a little twitchy. You get usedto it. I managed to do that, okay, but it’s just notquite as smooth as the other scooters that i’vereviewed here in the channel, but the accelerationon this, even though i am in the eco mode speedlimited, it’s still so quick. I mean it spins thefront wheel, a little bit on smooth surfaces, so youdo need to be careful with that, because, if you’rereally in somewhere that’s got a lot of loosegravel or something you’ve got to be careful, withthat front wheel. That’S when you need to push thebutton there to put it into the single motor modeand, that’s when you get the most battery life tooof course.

Okay, so i have an empty car park. Hereand, i’m gon na test. What this can actually do, the Varla Eagle One because they say it can go up to 65kilometers per hour 40 miles per hour, so whati’ve got it on is the dual motor mode, turbo modeand. I have unlocked the speed limit now this isthe only time during this review that i will beunlocking the speed limit here just to test it outin this private, empty car park. Okay, so let’s goso the front wheel’s spinning and i’vejust hit 20 25 30 kilometers per hour 40 4555 about to hit 60 and that’s getting toofast for my liking.

I have a full face: helm onbut, that is just crazy, crazy fast for a scooterwith 10 inch wheels. Some rough road just up aheadand, let’s see how it handles it, but the suspensionon this scooter. It just gives me a lot moreconfidence than the others. It’S very, very good, imean they’ve got it perfect. I think for the weightof the scooter and then my weight, which is about80 kilos, so this just goes up that climb withabsolute ease it just pulls ahead and rememberi’m limited here to 25 kilometers per hour.

Ihave not got it in the top settings at the moment. All right, so i’ve got my little climber head, thati use to test out scooters and e-bikesnow normally with the e-bikes of courseabout halfway, i need to start pedaling butnot with this. Hopefully, i won’t have tokick it all, but you know with this kind of poweri will not have to do that. So this is about 25 to30 degrees and this climb and i’m just going to godual motors turbo mode. So one two three acceleratefront wheels slipping and off.

We go thisis just rocketing up this for a scooterunbelievable, so it absolutely aced that climbbut there’s no point having all of that speedand power. If the brakes are terrible, now, theyare really good on this e-scooter, they are thebest. I’Ve come across so once i hit this pole herei’m going to do some braking, there’s a car coming, but very, very good. I ended up locking up the reara little bit and the suspension really does helpwith the braking as well, because you can feelit just aiding and overall, i think for the 160ml discs. It does apply a lot of pressureto, these hydraulics, the hydraulics on thecalipers they’re, very, very good and justexcellent brakes, the best i’ve tested yet and now i’m coming up to the end of theride, which is the last rotors and speedbump.

Let’S see how it handles, i mean you canpop the front up if you want to, but really nottoo much of a problem again, the suspension onthis just seems to be very, very well balanced and a very smooth ride. Now, just the head is actually a lot bumpier thanit looks this path is made up of like crazy pavingrocks. It’S all up and down over the place. Sothis will be a very good test of our suspensionand. Just how it’s going to handle this thesmaller scooters that i test out.

Completelyjust rocklin sounds to bits, and this is very bumpyi won’t say it’s smooth and i can hear somethingrattling it’s the rear mudguard. But this is verypretty well for very, very rough terrain and youcan see that front suspension, especially i cansee it anyway looking down working very, very hard okay. So what about our range burning around townusing, the dual motor mode and pretty much just 100for throttle the whole time. I was able to get 25kilometers with two bars left, so i should be ableto achieve, i would say at least 30 to 35 whichsurprised me that’s a little bit better than iwas expecting considering. I did go up quite a fewhills now, if you use the eco mode, they claim upto.

65. Kilometers is your range, but i see it asbeing more. At least with my weight of 80 kilosi’ve been more around the 55 kilometer markthere when it comes to the kind of range inthe eco mode, you’re able to get out of thisnow. I love the dual suspension. I think theyhave just done it right with this.

Okay, it doesn’tbottom out it doesn’t rattle and you can see wheni just jump on it right now that the suspensionit does a really really good job and it reallygives you a lot more confidence and it feels somuch better than what you would think. Looking atit, you think. Oh, that would be horrible, you’d, feelvery, insecure. The braking will be poor because ofthe small wheels – it actually is not really whatyou. Think when you ride this, you feel quiteconfident with it.

You’Ve got great brakes on thisthe. Braking is very, very good. You’Ve got a widedeck on here, of course, too, which houses the largebattery and talking about that battery charge. Timeso eight hours is kind of the norm. It can eight tonine hours with just the single charger, but it isgood that we have the dual charging option: withthis particular model here, so i can charge it intwice the time twice, the rate.

Sorry half the timeit will only take then about four hours to fullycharge. The eagle one now what other things idon’t like about this particular model? I thinkthey went a little bit cheap with the mudguardplastic. I mean this one here at the rearif. You go over a lot of bumps.

You might haveheard with some of my road tests there, that therear mudguard was whacking down onto the tire justmaking a little bit of a noise there. Otherwise, thesuspension doesn’t rest or anything like thatwhich is good and then the like red plastic theyhave around the side here uh on top of that itjust feels a little cheap. Now i think they shouldchange that and maybe go something a little bitmore high quality for our mud guards at leastand. Then we have our key okay, so you canlock it. You can remove the key.

That’S greatbut! It’S a little bit cheap, the plasticsthat they’ve used for that. The rest of itis, pretty good, i mean we’ve got the lock. Gripsbrakes are really good, as mentioned, and one ofthe best things i like about this. Scooter is thesuspension design.

Here now, when i put the pressureon the brakes, both of them locked up now, andgive it a bit of a move back and forth there, isa bit of play and movement in the handlebar butit’s only moving just the metal there, but there’sno actual play down where the Suspension isunlike the other e-bikes that they do havesorry, not e-bikes, but e-scooters. Sorry, it willrattle a bit and it moves around there’s a bitof play, but not with this particular model. Here itjust feels so much safer and secure so really dolike. The fact that they have the ring around theoutside that goes over the handlebar stem and thenwe have the two quick release locks so not evenone of them, but two of them just in case there isa backup – and that gives me a bit more confidencein this – that it’s Not going to fail me because youcan imagine with one of these scooters, if thatwas to break here or something it would be anabsolute disaster, especially at the speeds you cando on this one and then when it’s when it comes tosafety with this one, there’s a couple of Tips herethat, if you’re going to ride it on loose gravelor on roads, where there could be rockypatches of loose dirt or something like thatand in the wet differently put it on to the singlemotor mode and what that does then is just givethe power. The thousand watts to the rear hub andthen it becomes then rear wheel drive instead ofall-wheel two-wheel drive.

This has because thefront wheel is prone to slipping. There’S a hugeamount of torque, even just under full accelerationthat speed test that i did the front wheel. Becauseit pulls you back. It’S very quick: it will lift upthe front wheel, there’s a tiny fraction and causea little bit of slippage there, and if you’re doingthat going up hills and things or if you happen togo up like a sidewalk or something that’s quitesmooth, the concrete just be careful that frontwheel Could slip so there’s a bit of a dangerthere, because if that slips out you’ll fall overand it’s going to be face. First, it won’t be prettyif.

You can get your hands out in time. So that’swhy i’ve got the full face helmet. I do recommendgot to wear a helmet, maybe some knee padsand, maybe even elbows – and things like that. Aswell should be uh considered with a potent scarykind of fast scooter like this one. So the rangei think is acceptable for what it is.

Consideringit’S dual motor and it’s just crazy fast it isso, quick, the acceleration is something else. Andfor me this is like the tesla of the escooters that i have been reviewing and if you’re after abeast like this, this is definitely one to lookat. Compared to what i have already reviewedin the channel so far with the e-scooters sothank you so much for watching this review, hereof the vala eagle one great scooter, i really dolike it do check out my other videos of scootersthat. I have posted in the channel and i do hopeto see you back in the next one bye for now.

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