Scooters, Synergy 800 and the Apollo Phantom V2, side by side view.

I originally bought the Apollo Ghost in 2021. With logistics being really bad at that time because of Covid, I cancelled my order for the Ghost. I had no patience waiting 3 months for a scooter so I bought the Synergy 800, single motor scooter. top speed I’ve had it go, was 43 kph. Pretty good and very happy with the build but any support here in Canada is null. I’ve put out letters to the sellers for parts or support and never heard a thing back to this day. For this reason I would not buy their dual 800 scooter or any other Synergy product. Now its 2022, and I’m a happy owner of Apollos, Phantom V2. I’ve done two years research in buying a somewhat affordable mid range scooter. Although I see the Phantom V2 as a premium high performance scooter for a guy whos 62 years old. If your looking for a plug in play scooter, you might want to check out Apollo scooters!

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