Ride through Victoria on an Electric Scooter

>>Best Rated Electric Scooters<<

I was testing out a new camera setup and happened to record the ride I took with the folks and Ride the Glide today….it’s probably very boring but you’re welcome to watch it 🙂

Bullying: Who Is Targeted?

Bullies do not badger every person. They target specific sorts of individuals. Your child’s best defense is not being the type that is targeted. Moms and dads can aid.

Back to School – Love Notes and Prayers

It’s back to institution time for my fifth grader! Summertime was a lot fun however went by also rapid. Join me as I review some means to start your child’s day of rest terrific each early morning and to assist him/her have an amazing academic year.

Things For Sleepovers: Some Helpful Hints

Did you ever before reach your pajama party just to discover that you have failed to remember something? Which something always appears to be the one point that you actually really need. I have actually generated a “things for slumber parties” overview that will not just get you far better planned for your following slumber party it will get you invited back.

Children’s Costume Ideas: Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses are the perfect outfits for any little girl. Time after time, Disney Princess costumes are always timeless choices for girls. Select out the excellent character for your little princess this Halloween.

It’s Never Too Late To Talk To Your Kids About Smoking

Lots of parents feel temper and vulnerability when they learn their child has actually tried smoking. Rather, try these approaches to obtain your youngster back on the no-smoking track.

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