QIEWA Q POWER 2 Electric Scooter Review Filmed in 4K – Plus $50 Discount – Dualtron Killer?

QIEWA Q POWER 2 Electric Scooter Review Filmed in 4K – Plus $50 Discount – Dualtron Killer?
Special thank you to Qiewa for sending me out the QIEWA Q-POWER 2 Electric Scooter for review.
The electric scooter is a beast!
The mechanics and power are all top notch. The brakes are robust and probably the biggest I’ve reviewed, motorcycle quality brakes. The 11″off road tires while they do have a bit of road noise on pavement are amazing when off road. Who is this electric scooter for? Anyone who is interested in extreme off-road power. The QIEWA Q-POWER 2 has a massive 40Ah battery which provides plenty of range. With this big guy on it I expect it to do about 45-50 Miles or approximately 75 Kms.

$50 Discount Code: TimsElectric

Q-POWER 2 Specifications
Motor 3000W x 2 (6000W)
Tyre 11” off-road tyre
Battery 60V 40AH Li-Ion Battery Pack 18650
Controller 45A
Speed 60 mph (100 km/h)
Waterproof Level IPX6
Max Range 90 miles (150 km)
Safety Features LED chassis light, rear light and a pair of LED headlights
Deck lights Body lights
Max Load 620lbs / 280 kg
Charge Time 10h with 2 chargers,16h-18h with 1
Scooter Weight 99lbs / 46 kg Folded Size H 49 x L 128 x W 28 cm
Brakes Front and rear full hydraulic disc brakes with ABS
Unfolded Size H 130 x L 128 x W 28 cm

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