My Kaabo Mantis Pro is free again! – Exploring more of my little town – GoPro Hero9 – FPV

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Had to get out the house. Had issues changing the rear tire so that video will be postponed till further notice. The brakes were fine so didn’t need to bother with them as well. And blinkers (turn indicators) am I right? Such a pet peeve of mine! lol

Teaching The Way The Brain Learns

Human beings think in patterns. Whenever lesson plans consist of a sensory experience through any type of number of tools for teaching, the brain immediately filters it via past experiences and classifies it as familiar principle or a new one.

Bullying and Media Culture: How TV Teaches Children to Bully

Most Americans think about bullying as young people problem. In truth, it’s even more of a cultural trouble. It appears that everywhere you turn, today’s young people can see the bully mentality on full screen.

Christmas Charities Through Which You Can Help Needy Kids

Xmas is the festival of love, care as well as hope that we enjoy to commemorate with our youngsters and loved ones. Yet do you know that there are countless youngsters around the globes that are not that well off to take pleasure in these little pleasures.

Keys to Helping a Bullied Child

The truth that nearly all children experience some kind of intimidation does not indicate that such episodes are harmless. Some children obtain much even worse than others, and bullying can be equally as harmful as any type of other sort of child abuse. Moms and dads and treatment givers need to recognize what to do to aid a child that is being bullied.

A Brake in the System

“A Brake in the System” is a short humor piece concerning the use of longboards on college campuses. The write-up is captivating to both longboard cyclists and also pedestrians alike.

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