Let’s Review This Hiboy KS4 Electric Scooter

Ok Crew. Check out this review of the hiBoy KS4 Advanced Commuter Electric Scooter. All good and very easy to setup and get going. Many great things about this scooter. The only con to me is thr hard wheels. BUT alot of friends and family I had ride it did NOT even say anything about it.

So please check out the review and Comment and let me know what you think.

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5 years of S2 production experience with over 100,000+ S2 scooters sold. We learned and introduced the KS series. The KS4 exterior styling continues the high-end design of S2. 17 Miles Long-range and a top speed of 19 mph allow the scooter to focus on commuting.
Wider display for safer riding during the day and night.
Upgraded 350W motor, honeycomb tires, and rear suspension with dual brakes. All of these make up the next-gen electric scooters.

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