Kaabo Mantis Electric Scooter Top Speed Test at Golden Gate Park Polo Fields Cycle Track

The Electric Life gets taken over by the Ricky Life haha!! My man Ricky tests his Kaabo Mantis Base 18ah electric scooter for its highest top speed at the Polo Fields Cycle Track in Golden Gate Park and we take you along with him to see how fast he really does go!!
With a nearly fully charged battery, a rider weight of 175lbs, and a 10-20 mph variable of wind, does Ricky hit the advertised top speed of the 40mph or fall short?!!? Well come on in, sit back and relax, and let us show you how it all went down!!

Love the good energy you all bring so leave a comment about what you see and let me know how fast your Kaabo Mantis tests out at!!!

Thanks for watching and as always hope you enjoyed the ride.

*The Electric Life is my life! Here you’ll find FPV footage from my rides around San Francisco and other local Northern California locations, reviews and important info on ebikes, electric skateboards and scooters I own and ride, and anything related to the life of Personal Electric Vehicles in general may show up here!! Please like and subscribe if you enjoy these kinds of videos and of course my friends sit back and enjoy the views….Lets roll out!!!

For the tunes I use in this video and many more go here and rock on~

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