Kaabo Mantis 8 Dual Motor Review – Kaabo Scooter Review 2022

If you’re looking for an electric scooter, then the Kaabo Manti Mantis 8 might be a good fit. With a 500 W motor and brushless hubs, the Manti can reach speeds of 25 mph. This model can also climb 20 degrees inclines and has a 25-mile range. The bike’s frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum, which is lighter than steel and more rigid.

Kaabo Mantis 8 Dual Motor Review  Kaabo Mantis Review 2022

The Kaabo Mantis 8 comes equipped with dual motors and a front and rear suspension. The front wheel is powered by a single drive motor and is equipped with 120mm disc brakes. This provides confidence when riding in low-light conditions and is also fitted with a wide-tread eight-inch tire. The rear wheel also comes with high-mounted LED lighting for improved visibility.

The quickest ride speed of the Kaabo Mantis 8 is 24.9 mph. The rider’s weight is 165 pounds and the bike will reach a top speed of 24kmh in just 4.9 seconds. The rider’s safety is also a priority for Kaabo. The bike features a deck light, and LED lights are mounted on the side of the deck. The LED lights on the bike will illuminate the area below the bike, making nighttime riding safe.

Despite its weight, the Mantis 8 has an impressive top speed, ranging from 50 to 60 kph. Its acceleration is very good too, with a top speed of less than 10 seconds. With a dual motor, the Kaabo Mantis is ideal for urban commuters and riders who prefer a more robust ride.

Another plus of the Kaabo Mantis 8 is its easy-folding system. It’s easy to fold and unzip the bike. It has a two-minute folding mechanism with two quick-releases on the handlebars and a handlebar that doesn’t fold. The seat is very firm, and the brakes are adjustable. Its suspension is firm but good.

The Kaabo Mantis 8 has dual motors and single motors, and all three models are a great choice if you’re looking for an electric scooter for long distance commutes. The low-range model, the Mantis 8, has a range of 50 km, which is more than double the range of the typical commuter scooter. The Pro version has a range of up to 90 km, which is a very nice option if you want to go long distances.

The Kaabo Mantis 8 is the tamest of the Manti family. Its smaller size and wider tires make it ride with less bite than the dual motor Manti. Its single 800 watt motor is super smooth and provides a smooth ride. However, it is slow off the start compared to other fast scooters. If you’re looking for an electric scooter, the Kaabo Mantis 8 is a great choice.

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