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Today we’re installing an adapter on my electric scooter to be able to use Brompton bags on it.
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I am Victor, and for over three years I’ve used Brompton bikes to move around the city, and I absolutely love them! One of the reasons why they work so well for me is because they feature a luggage mount at the head tube that allows me to attach a variety of different bags to. This feature made the Brompton my go-to option for things like grocery shopping, because I can fold the bike down, bring it inside the store, and use it as my shopping cart. Some bags are so spacious that makes it really easy to haul a bunch of groceries. Today, we’ll do something a little different and try to attach one of these Brompton bags to my electric scooter. You see, a few weeks ago, a brand called Varla sent me their most powerful scooter, the Eagle One, and I immediately started to think of ways to attach a Brompton bag to it and go grocery shopping. And that’s what we’ll do. After receiving the scooter and taking it for a first ride, I ordered this adapter from Valeria’s Bike Accessories. This part allows me to install the Brompton luggage block to any round tube from about 32 to 38 mm in diameter. It consists of a front plate, a rear clamp, a luggage block, and some hardware. It’s made from machined Delrin, which is a high-resistance plastic used in industrial applications, and it’s supposed to be stronger than the actual luggage block. We’ll see how it holds up to some abuse.

Installing it is pretty straight forward. Just hold the clamp at the front with a rubber spacer, clamp it from the other side with another rubber spacer, and then screw in the four attachment bolts. It’s important to make sure that there is a little gap here, that way we know that the assembly is clamping the stem post, and not itself. Finally, proceed with installing the Brompton luggage block, first by attaching the internal bolts, and then installing the luggage lever. Now, all we gotta do is slide the grocery bag on the mount until it clicks, and we should be good to go. To remove it, just pull on the lever and pull the bag up. This grocery bag is also made by Valeria’s Bike Accessories, and there’s a ton of different designs to choose from. I like it because it has huge internal space, a lid, a front pocket, and two rear pockets that don’t seem too big but can actually fit a bottle of wine or an oversized water bottle. And now, we’re ready to head out! Okay guys, we’re on our way to the grocery store. Now, if this setup works, this is going to increase the usability of this scooter by 300%. Now I can carry groceries on my backpack, I can also carry them on the front of the scooter, this will be a huge deal. I do have a couple of concerns, though. The first one being that I’m carrying a heavy load on the front, attached to the stem, so it could make steering a little bit harder. And the second concern is that this scooter has a front suspension, and I don’t know if adding a load to the front will make that suspension bottom out or act weird. We’ll see what happens soon enough. All I want is to be able to carry my groceries on my backpack, also on this front bag. It’ll be a huge deal. All right, we’re getting to the grocery store, I’m gonna have to lock the scooter up outside. This is the best way that I found to lock the scooter, kind of going through that part of the scooter with the u-lock. Scooters are a little tricky to lock. So we’re heading back home now, I’m not sure how much weight I’m carrying, I’m gonna weigh this at home. But honestly, I don’t feel a difference. Steering-wise, if anything, this bag made it a little more stable, because scooters are tricky to ride with a single hand, and right now I can ride with either hand off and it’s really stable. Regarding the front suspension, I don’t feel any difference. Honestly, there’s a lot of suspension left here. It’s funny because it should’ve made some difference. Probably there is some difference, I just can’t feel it because there’s so much travel on this front suspension. Guys, my first impressions about this are really good. I’m really happy, really satisfied with this setup. So here it is. This setup is working really great, let me open the bag so you can see all the groceries inside. As you can see, there’s still a lot of space left. I could’ve put more groceries in. The lid is actually a little bit longer than the bag, so it can sit a little bit taller. Honestly guys, this is really, really exciting. And it looks amazing.

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