Emove Cruiser Review in 2021: Know Before You Buy

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In this video I go over 10 things you should know before you buy the Emove Cruiser from Voro Motors before buying. Andrew then shares his full review on the new Emove Cruiser. To clarify, the Emove Cruiser is WATER RESISTANT electric scooter. It is NOT a WATERPROOF electric scooter. It’s easy to mix up the two and we even do that in this video.

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Can’t get enough of the Emove Cruiser? Our full written website review on the new Emove Cruiser: https://gotscooter.com/emove-cruiser-review-is-it-really-waterproof/

Got scooter questions about the Emove Cruiser? Join the discussion with me and Andrew: https://www.facebook.com/groups/493642891594729

Special thanks to Andrew and Seth for helping us test the electric scooters.

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Disclosure: We do not get paid to make reviews but we were given this scooter to test and review. Purchases made through our affiliate links may offer a commission that goes towards supporting this channel and our websites.

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