Electric Scooter Trailer How To. My Dog loves to ride on my Varla Eagle One!

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Dog Trailer https://amzn.to/37tJqkX
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How to connect a trailer to your Varla electric scooter. This Schwinn dog trailer is made for a bicycle but is easily adapted so you can take your best freind along! My Varla Eagle One electric scooter has plenty of power and battery capacity to carry us both. Our first ride was about 8 miles to GT Bray Park. I will test the range out more soon. What else could I put in this trailer?? Extra batteries, beer cooler, who knmows???? Leave a comment of what you think I can haul in it!!! Make sure to Like and Subscribe and I guess clicking the notifications bell is important to Youtube now? Hit me up with any questions about the scooter or paramotor training!
Hang in there paramotor friends!! I’m trying to make my channel cross over. This will hopefully bring more great people into our sport and help to grow my channel! Sell those Onewheels and get one of these. They blow the OW’s away!!!

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