Dualtron Victor GPS speed with 95kg rider 70km/h. ***0-50 – 8 sec. ***0-60 15sec. ***0-68 in ~30sec

Tested a 2021 Dualtron Victors top speed.
0-68 was quick but 70 took a bit time πŸ™‚
Speed is gps. Speedometer showed 75 km/h
Road was totally flat and ride was done without any wind.

Techniques for Teaching ABCs, Numbers, Shapes and Colors: The Toddler Way

The key to a successful training is not by compeling them but to have them embrace those things out of their curiosity. It would certainly be a bit bothersome for others since not every child enjoy this, however it refers just how you have them learn points the simplest and also a more fun way. Right here, allow me share you some techniques that I finish with my kiddos.

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Using School Transportation When Your Child Has Food Allergies

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Are We Setting Up Young US Students for Disaster?

By overlooking their analysis capacities, we may be setting up our young for failing. High level analysis is vital to success for many people in Western culture. Lots of bad readers are leaving as opposed to facing the difficulty and the shame of admitting that they can not understand content.

Fireproof Homeschool: Preparing for Emergencies

Emergency situations happen. Do your youngsters know what your family emergency situation strategy is for natural emergencies? Take the time to make a plan.

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