Can an Electric Scooter Keep Up With an ATV Off Road? Varla Eagle One vs Honda FourTrax

Here’s some highlights from some off-road riding with me on the Varla Eagle One and my dad on the Honda FourTrax ATV. Enjoy the scenic ride!

Get yourself a Varla Eagle One here (affiliate link):
$60 off with code: “RK9”

RK9 Rides Website:
Utah Scooter Riders Facebook Group:

Upgrades I made to the Eagle One:
Off-road tires:
GoPro mount:

Other Gear I Use:
Recording Equipment:
GoPro Hero 9 Black:
GoPro Hero 8 Black:
GoPro Chest Mount:

Safety Gear I Use:
Demon Podium Full Face Helmet:
Nobleman K2 Half Helmet:
100% Strata 2 Goggles:
HWK Motorcycle Jacket:

Other Accessories I Use:
Kryptonite Chain Lock:
Osprey Daylite Backpack:
Phone Mount:
Turn Signals:

Should the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause Raise Our Kids?

My child Savanah is 5 years old currently, and I am astonished at the rate children expand these days with all the chance and also technology so easily available to them. In our day, if you had one computer per family you were considered well off as well as perhaps even fashionable. Yet these days I see 7 year olds take out cellular phones as well as play mad birds the second I start to birthed them.

Boundaries: Our Protection and Shield

Personal borders are the physical, psychological as well as mental limitations we establish to protect ourselves from being adjusted, used or breached by others. They allow us to divide that we are, and also what we assume as well as really feel, from the thoughts and feelings of others. Their existence aids us to reveal ourselves as one-of-a-kind people, while we acknowledge the very same in other. To set limits, you will certainly be maintaining your honesty, taking duty for that you are, as well as taking control of your life. There are lots of methods that you can make certain that you create your limits. This article will reveal you just how to do so.

Tips for Utilizing Space in a Kid’s Bedroom

Is your youngster’s bedroom exceptionally little? There are several points you can do to make the most effective use the area you have, as well as make it seem much less crowded.

What To Buy for Your Child at a Soccer Store

A trip to a football shop can help you discover items necessary for this sport when your child shows rate of interest in it. As a matter of fact, there are numerous kid-oriented products your youngster may like.

Emotional Intelligence Before Cognitive Stimulation

Especially given that Dr Daniel Goleman’s book “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – WHY IT CONTAINER MATTER MORE THAN IQ” hit the bookstores in 1996, not only recognition in the area of emotional knowledge (EI) grew continuously, but a realisation of the importance gained energy. Every one people harbour emotions which can either drive us towards success of failing. The globe over the significance of very early youth growth is still obtaining focus.

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