Best scooters Xiaomi M365 PRO & LANGFEITE L8 L8s ⚑ HARD OFFroad 🏞 Deep Sand πŸŒ„ Part 2

>>Best Rated Electric Scooters<<

LANGFEITE L8S 2019 20ah 638$ ! Coupon code ” PirateL8s ” /15ah 579$ Code TTHLFL819
Xiaom M365 Pro BG Price: 529,99$ Coupon ” BGMIPROCN ” /GB
πŸ“‘ Manuals Firmware and more πŸš€
Best alu mount for smartphone
Thicken HQ Tube for M365
CST best anit slip tire BG / GB for only 16$
Cooling system for M365 PRO Motor ( only right side )

Antipuncture Set for M365 & PRO
Thicken HQ Tube for M365
CST best anit slip tire BG / GB for only 16$Anti Puntcure tape ( buy biggest one )
Steel Tire lever

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I rendered this video on the newest Delicious Xiaomi Gaming Laptop i7 8750H GearBest 1299$ Banggood 1389$

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