Apollo XXL Scooter Review 2022

This Apollo XXL electric scooter is a great addition to your mobility arsenal. While the battery may be a bit on the heavy side, you can count on it to last at least 4 hours before it needs a charge. With an improved design and brakes, you can ride for hours without needing to recharge the battery. The new Apollo has more power than ever, and it’s a comfortable ride, too.

4.5 hours to reach full charge

A quick glance at the Apollo City’s specs will show that it’s 50 percent faster than the previous model. It also features a battery management system that monitors the pack to maximize its efficiency. With a built-in monitoring system, the battery can be safely operated and will last for years. The Apollo City’s performance is impressive. You can expect to get at least 30 miles per charge, which is impressive for an electric scooter.

Improved brakes

The upgraded brakes are another major improvement in the latest model of the Apollo electric scooter. This version has been designed to keep the rider safe while cruising at speeds up to 31 mph. The lightweight design makes the Apollo Explore an excellent choice for first-time electric scooter owners. Its impressive performance makes it a great first scooter. Here are some additional details you should know about this electric scooter.

The Apollo Explore has good build quality. It’s quiet and has adjustable elements. The folding handlebars are easy to adjust, and they tend to loosen up after a long journey. Other improvements include improved brakes on the Apollo Xxl. Overall, the Apollo Explore is a great all-around scooter with a long list of benefits. However, it is not as lightweight as some of its competitors. It weighs 52 pounds.

New design

If you are looking for a scooter that is similar to the Ghost but has more style, the new design of the Apollo Xxl will not disappoint. This scooter has a sleek design, with a tapering deck that tapers from the front to the back. Moreover, it features a brand new paint color that will not date easily. You will not have to worry about rust as the frame is made of oil-painted aluminum.

Unlike other scooters, the Apollo electric scooter also comes with turn signals. This feature is quite rare in electric scooters, and the LED turn signals on the Apollo are exceptional. Once activated, these turn signals beep and then automatically turn off after ten seconds. These signals wrap around the scooter’s sides and rear, making it easy to see from both sides. This makes it a great choice for commuters and those who want to commute.

Comfortable ride

The Apollo XXL Scooter 2022 is built with comfort in mind. You can easily adjust the riding speed of the scooter with the help of the Apollo app. This app also helps you choose the right riding mode. It features a battery gauge, estimated distance traveled, and speed. It can also help you adjust the acceleration strength. Its ergonomic handlebars are easy to grasp.

The Apollo Phantom Pro scooter has 200 mm XXL wheels that are ideal for city cruising. Its height-adjustable handlebars come with three height settings. Its folding handlebars are also made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This scooter has a stylish design that will make you feel at home in the city. Apollo scooters have been designed for long use.

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