Apollo Stunt Scooter Review 2022

In this Apollo Stunt Scooter review, we’ll take a look at the Single-motor version. We’ll examine how the Apollo’s speed and acceleration feel, how easy it is to operate, and how good the mileage is. Ultimately, we’ll recommend this scooter based on these criteria. We’ll also discuss its unique features. If you’re in the market for a scooter, read on to find out more.

Single-motor Apollo Scooter

The Single-motor Apollo Scooter comes with a warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty also covers shipping costs. Normal wear-and-tear components are covered for cost of parts and labor, but most problems can be solved by a semi-handy owner. You can easily charge the scooter in under 9 hours. Its collapsible handlebars and stem make it easy to transport and fold. Using the brake levers and gear buttons, you can control the speed of your scooter.

Fast acceleration

Having an incredibly fast scooter is not something that everyone can do. If you want to get a feel for how fast an Apollo Stunt Scooter can accelerate, read on. You’ll discover the advantages of an Apollo stunt scooter and what makes it so special. Among the other things that make this scooter great is its performance and safety. The Apollo Stunt Scooter includes top-of-the-line safety features.

Easy to ride

The Apollo Pro electric scooter has dual 1000 watt motors for speed and performance. It is built with quality materials and components to deliver a smooth ride and excellent traction on rough terrains. It is equipped with dual disc brakes, an all-around mounted reflector, and a bell for warning riders. It is also water-resistant. You’ll have a great time exploring new territory with this scooter.

Good mileage

While a 62-mile/100-kilometer range seems like an ideal number, users have reported lower mileage. One user reported having 40% battery left after riding for only 31 miles/50 kilometers. He weighs 225 pounds/100 kilograms. Another user reported having 58 miles/93 kilometers. While this is far from the maximum range of the Apollo Stunt Scooter, the mileage is still good enough for daily use.

Battery management system

The Apollo Stunt Scooter offers great performance. The forged aluminum frame is lightweight and durable, while also providing impressive load capacity. This electric scooter has a load capacity that’s well above average for a similar size vehicle. In addition, the rider will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the battery will last a long time. For more information, read the review below.

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