Apollo Scooter Review 2022

If you’re in need of an Apollo Scooter repair, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re not familiar with the brand’s products, the Apollo City will make you feel at home. It features a comfortable ride, tech support, app integration, and a sleek design. While it’s cheaper than its more powerful counterpart, it doesn’t offer the same level of power or range. Apollo is also planning to open a new service center in Brooklyn, and this location will be the first in the US.

Top speed

An Apollo scooter can offer the ultimate in speed and range. It is well above average in speed and range compared to a typical commuter scooter. The Apollo Light has a top speed of 35 kph and a range of 35 km. While these numbers may not be impressive, they are still above average for an entry-level scooter. Other notable features include the Apollo’s good acceleration, which can accelerate the scooter from 0 to 25 kph in 6.2 seconds. And the scooter’s climbing ability is commendable, even at 10-degrees inclines.


While many heavy users say that their range is unaffected by weight, many others report smaller ranges than advertised. Fortunately, the customer service team at Apollo Scooter Repair NYC is available to answer any questions you might have. The range of an Apollo scooter can be customized according to your preferences. For example, if you prefer your scooter to accelerate slightly and cruise at a moderate pace, you can change the speed accordingly. Another important feature of an Apollo scooter is its excellent safety features.

Self healing tyres

The latest Apollo City model comes with a self healing tyre, gel lines, and a high-resolution display for viewing relevant data. It also includes an anti-glare display that lets riders monitor speed, distance, and battery life. The new model is also equipped with a turn-by-turn navigation system, a battery indicator, and warranty repairs. There’s also an app for the scooter that lets riders track their performance, get post-ride analytics, and change settings.


The Price of Apollo Scooter Repair NYC in 2022 may be determined by the type of repairs you need done. There are two main types of repairs: brake repair and engine repair. Both types require the same level of maintenance to ensure the scooter stays in good working order. A brake repair requires a specialist who has the appropriate skills and experience to do this type of work. The cost of an Apollo scooter repair is relatively low compared to the cost of a car or motorcycle.


If you live in the New York City area, you can visit the new Apollo scooter repair facility in Brooklyn. The company has announced that it will have its first US-based service center in Brooklyn. You can use the app to update the firmware on your scooter, and it also has built-in Bluetooth technology for easy communication with service centers. You can also use the app to adjust the settings and put the scooter in Park mode, order parts, and run diagnostic tests. In addition, it will soon feature a community where you can meet other Apollo scooter owners in your area.

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