Apollo Scooter Review 2022 – Apollo Phantom V2 Upgrade Kit

In this Apollo Phantom V2 Upgrade Kit, you can expect a new display, a larger wheel, and a more comfortable handlebar. The deck measures 8.5 inches by 20 inches, and the battery offers a record 500 charge cycles. The battery is also capable of charging up to three times a week and will stay at its full capacity for almost three years. The battery can be easily replaced, too, for a nominal fee.

8.5 by 20-inch deck

In an attempt to provide riders with the ultimate riding experience, the Apollo has incorporated top-of-the-line features and technology into its product. The most notable features of this model include a top-notch lights package, the largest electric scooter display, triple-secure folding mechanisms, and a quadruple spring suspension system with four springs instead of two. This provides riders with exceptional shock damping capability and dynamic travel.

Upgraded display

One of the main differences between the original Phantom and the upgraded version is the improved Hex display. The old model had a relatively small display and the new one is nearly twice as large. Both versions feature a new ergonomic throttle and a reinforced kickstand. The safety folding ring has also been improved, and a new mode button is included. Users of the original Phantom will still need to pay for shipping. The new Apollo Phantom comes with a full feature set, including a built-in headlight and real turn signals.

Larger wheels

Among the many advantages of the larger wheels on the Apollo Phantom V2 Upgrade Kit is its increased ground clearance. While tubed tires are easier to get flat, the split rims are better for preventing flats. Overall, the Apollo Phantom is a very well-built scooter with an extremely stylish design. It’s easy to store and transport, thanks to its slim size and well-finished build quality.

Comfortable handlebars

The new Apollo Phantom V2 Upgrade Kit comes with more than just more comfort. The wide, 27-inch handlebars are capped with plush, rubberized grips. They are not screwed in, so they can rotate freely while riding. Plus, the bike comes with an incredible, next-generation HEX display centered over the handlebars. This allows you to adjust the intensity of the LEDs on the dash and adjust the height of the display for a comfortable ride. All the electronic parts of the bike are plug-and-play, and the handlebar electronics are all fully next-generation.

Stable ride

The Apollo Phantom comes with a 1000-lumen headlight and two front deck lights, making it exceptionally visible from different angles. It also has handlebar-controlled rear turn signals and a dedicated brake light for increased safety. The safety features on the Phantom are unrivaled in their class, and you can even install an optional rear LED light. And with its IP54 water resistance rating, you can ride in all kinds of weather without worry, thanks to the integrated brake light.

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